Author - Azia Weisz

PBFY Blog Mindfulness in the Work Place

How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Performance at Work

If there’s one thing the last few years has taught us it is that we’re living in stressful times. More people than ever are suffering from anxiety or stress-related problems and are seeking help from family, friends and professional services to help deal with these issues.  Is mindfulness the answer? Many people who suffer from anxiety or stress are recommended by medical professionals to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a technique not too dissimilar from meditation, and focuses on slowing down the breathing and bringing oneself into the present moment. This technique enables people to empty their mind of worries, stresses [...]


Taking Time Off Is Good For You

Scientists used to believe that during sleep and downtime our brains would literally just shut down, with no activity at all or the barest minimum activity. They thought those moments of rest meant rest for the entire body, including the brain. Many lay people probably still believe something similar, though science is increasingly revealing that our brains are actually incredibly active during sleep as well as other so-called “downtime.” In 1929, a neurologist in Germany, Hans Berger, startled many of his academic peers by proposing that “the brain is always in a ‘state of considerable activity,’ even when people were sleeping [...]


Would you survive without your morning coffee?

Recently on Twitter, a trending hashtag read: “Without Caffeine, I’d” with people responding with GIFs of puppies falling asleep or people walking into doors. The basic premise was that without caffeine, many of us would lose our ability to function semi-normally. What would you do without your morning brew? There’s some decent evidence that humans may not have advanced as far as we have, technologically, creatively, even philosophically, without the stimulating, energizing magical potion that is coffee. In the 1500-1700s coffee “had a major impact on the rise of business,” with coffee houses become the center for idea-exchanges and business meetings. “Literature, [...]