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Announcing Our New Expansion to Beautiful Tennessee!

PBFY Remains Industry Leader by Expanding to Tennessee PBFY offers faster services to East Coast and Midwestern Clients Brea, California – PBFY announces significant capacity expansion to better serve East Coast and Midwest customers by opening up a new manufacturing and shipping site in Portland, Tennessee this January. Not only will they offer industry leading service to their current customer base, but now will grow to take on more customers, all while providing the highest quality in flexible packaging. Residents of Portland can expect the same high quality working environment that is currently offered in the Brea location. CEO and founder of [...]

Understanding Your Espresso: Tastes, Brews, and Styles

If you have ever gone through the process of making an espresso, you potentially have wondered why exactly it didn’t come out quite the same as your café’s coffee. You’ve bought the same beans, used a top of the line brewing machine, and have even got a little espresso cup to sip out of, and yet it is still not quite as good. In this article, we are going to help you break down different components of taste, brewing espresso, and different styles that you can diagnose your cup or better yet just enjoy your first brew of the [...]

What Goes into a Webinar?

As your company grows, up-skilling and communicating with your employees can become a challenge, especially as you continue to shape and change the direction of your business. If you are wondering how large corporations and institutions across the world are communicating and educating one another, looking into successful webinars may just be the answer for you and your blossoming business. Successfully done webinars can go beyond just communicating with your co-workers and employees, they can help educate customers on your products and services as well. Webinars are a type of online education and can be used to teach new [...]

Healthy Alternatives to Fight Your Favorite Carbs

Whether you are counting calories as part of your New Year’s resolution, or simply trying to substitute out portions of pasta for your beloved celiac partner, you may be frantically searching for alternatives that are actually good tasting. If you have been on this quest before, perhaps last year’s resolution, then you know that your love of bread and pasta may get in the way. However, we have some of our absolute favorites down below to swap out but still enjoy your meal, and some different simple ways to prepare them. While substituting could save your diet, it can [...]

Meet Your New Digital Personal Assistant

As your business continues to grow, so do your tasks lists and obligations, perhaps you find yourself wishing that you can have your workload better organized and that you can have questions answered in a simple and efficient way. What you are wishing for is the ever improving digital personal assistants. Now mostly hands-free, the busy business people of the world are using their phones and tablets to get a leg up on their workload and reprioritize their lives and schedules. A DPA can assist in both writing messages and emails, organize calendars and alarms, and even skim content [...]

The Fine Line, Emojis and Your Company

In business, we all know that there is a fine line in between casual and informal when developing emails to coworkers and customers. To further blur this line we now also have to consider the inclusion of emoticons or emojis in emails and headers to loosen up our emails. Emoticons are font based representations of emotions, while emoji are the graphic representation and are widely popular. Not only are they cute but they help represent our feeling and convey our tones. Sometimes they help punctuate excitement, clarify a joke, or even used in advertisements. However, we also don’t want [...]

Top Trends in Coffee to Look for in 2017

The new year is off to a bang, and with everyone running out to cultivate new years resolutions and try new things, you may be wondering what will they be looking for in their coffees? The new year is an excellent reason to try new things in your café or in your brewing process to keep on the cutting edge of coffee processes. There are a few trends that are happily carrying over from 2016, but a few break through coffee needs that we are all excited to see develop. In this article, we will walk you through our [...]

How to Select a Drip Coffee Machine

Your trusty and beloved coffee machine has sputtered its final morning brew, and you may be tempted to simply run out and purchase the same machine. However, has your coffee machine always been right for you, or are you perhaps interested in some of the new drip coffees that have add-on digital features for morning convenience. Because the at home drip brew pot is a fan favorite for the American coffee drinker it has been revamped and remodeled countless times to create the perfect at-home system. In this article, we will happily go over your options in new drip [...]