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Fill Your Job With The Best Candidate – Behavior-Based Interviewing

If you’re the person who does the hiring for your company you’ve probably seen it all. From the unqualified to the over-qualified. Sure, you weed through the resumes and are as selective as you can be with whom you call for interviews, doing the best you can to select the most likely candidates for your position. Sometimes you hire the most qualified based on your interview, then find out that they are a terrible fit for the job. What’s missing? You do the interview and ask your questions, you get your impression of the person from a 20 minute [...]

Coffee vs. Tea: What’s the Difference?

Contrary to what some believe, coffee and tea both have several health benefits. But how do they compare to each other? Let’s look at some hard facts today and see which drink is the most beneficial to your health. Coffee Coffee has several health benefits: Boosts adrenaline: having coffee an hour before you physically exert yourself can improve your performance up to 12%. If you labor physically or exercise, coffee can give you a boost that helps you do better. Reduces health risks: coffee affects your body by reducing health risks in several ways. One example is a study that tested men and [...]

Team Building Motivates

Want to bring your team together for some fun outside the office? Here are some ideas for ways to get your staff out of the office for fun events that will not only strengthen their sense of teamwork, but will also increase morale and motivation when the team returns on Monday morning. Sure, you have to spend some money and give up a Saturday, but you can be sure it will be worth it. This is highly recommended if you have bickering or discord on your team, or if you’re noticing a drop in employee satisfaction or morale. It [...]

Reduce Employee Theft in the Workplace

Admit it. You never think twice about pocketing a pen or taking home a pad of Post-it notes from work. Companies, especially larger ones, buy these things by the gross. They’ll never miss it, right? Wrong. Employers may lose up to 37% of their profits to “shrinkage”, including employee theft. This runs into the billions of dollars annually. Retailers are especially vulnerable, not only from shoplifters, but employees as well. Training So where do we draw the line? Pens? Well, everyone knows that companies expect people to pick up pens, and that in reality, pens are a form of advertising to [...]

Direct Trade vs. Fair Trade: A Competition?

Before I started working at a specialty coffee shop, I had only ever heard of fair trade, and only ever in passing; I had no idea, really, what it meant. The beginning of my coffee training was my introduction to another concept, both similar and different from fair trade – direct trade. What do these phrases mean and is one better than the other? Fair and direct trade both represent the rise of conscientious purchasing. Consumers are aware that the products they consume are brought to them by a chain of workers, often in less-than-ideal or just-plain-bad circumstance. The Information [...]

What The Heck is Cold Brew?

I first encountered cold brew coffee when I had to brew it by the bucketful before closing the coffee shop I worked for every night. It’s cold coffee, as opposed to iced coffee, which is coffee poured over ice. It’s taking the coffee world by storm, beginning with your third wave specialty coffee shops and now infiltrating the mainstream giant, Starbucks (who, as usual, act like they discovered it). Cold brewing coffee is a method that was invented in part to counteract the dilution that occurs when you just pour coffee over ice. The process is time-consuming, but that’s because, by [...]

Hop On Board the Coffee Express-o!

Coffee purists are quick to correct anyone having the gall to pronounce “espresso” as “ex-presso.” I have to admit, I’m one of them. There’s an “s” guys, come on. But, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, those people are not (entirely) wrong. Espresso is a term that has been in use since the late 1800s, and originally it was a part of the phrase “café-espress”, which means coffee made to order. More specifically, the phrase meant coffee made expressly for the particular person ordering it, as opposed to something poured from a communal coffee pot. So, technically, yes, [...]