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5 Spooky Halloween Treats That Will Make You the Talk of the Office

Fall is settling in, October is in full swing and all your neighbors are putting out their fake cobwebs and spooky jack-o-lanterns. All your coworkers are pulling out their trademark spooky mug and talking about what specialty dessert they are bringing to your office Halloween get together.  In an effort to stay with the season you concoct and share the idea to make the perfect Halloween treat to bring to the office. Except you don’t know what to make. Don’t worry we’ve got your back, here are five super spooky (and delicious!) treats to really impress your coworkers! First things [...]

Get your social media working for you

Get Your Social Media Working for You

Nowadays it seems exceptionally odd that there would be advertising without having a strong social media presence. Everyone from big businesses to individual self-promotion has accessed social media for free advertisement or paid side advertisement. You want to promote your business and have a strong social media campaign, but how do you make it the most effective to draw in clients and promote your products? This is a tricky task to engage and promote at the same time on social media when you are competing for attention among the thousands doing the same. This article will go over how [...]

Superfoods – Are They Really Super?

Superfoods have been something of a food trend over the last year or so, and while there is no actual definition for the word ‘superfood’, it is something that many of us have been quite taken with. Superfoods are foods that claim to contain certain antioxidants, vitamins and other properties that can slow the ageing process, reduce our risk of disease and illnesses, and in some cases can apparently boost our intelligence. While there is no doubt that whole foods, fruit and vegetables are incredibly beneficial to our bodies, is the term ‘superfood’ used correctly, or is it just [...]

Simple But Delicious Coffee Cupcakes

Whoever came up with the idea to add coffee as an ingredient to baking truly is a genius. I always enjoy a decent cup of coffee, brewed to perfection, but I also enjoy getting my caffeine fix in my desserts too. Coffee flavored desserts are always delicious, as a flavor it provides a great balance to the sweet of a dessert by adding that extra kick of flavor. If you’re a fan of coffee desserts then coffee cupcakes should be next on your list. Delicious to taste and extremely simple to make you’ll be hooked on them, so get [...]

Kopi Luwak – Is It Worth The Price?

You may have heard of Kopi Luwak coffee, or even tried it. It’s quite possibly the most expensive coffee in the world, ranging between $35 – $100 per cup when ordered in a regular coffee shop. It’s the celebrity of coffees, if that was actually a thing. If you haven’t tried it, I bet you’re now thinking ‘Wow, that must be some nice coffee’. But Kopi Luwak isn’t priced so high because of its taste. The cost of the coffee is down to the slightly unorthodox way that it is produced. Kopi Luwak is produced from a coffee bean that [...]

Could Feng Shui Help Your Business?

Feng shui, pronounced ‘fung shway’, is an ancient art that has been practiced in Chinese traditions for many, many centuries. Chinese tradition believes that certain placement of objects, whether it be at home, or the work place will have particularly positive or negative effects on your fortune. The balance created from positive placement of objects is called ‘chi’, and chi is the energy that flows through our universe. Feng shui translates to ‘wind and water’, and it is believed that chi flows through the nature of our world through wind and water and out into the universe. You may be [...]

Coffee Culture in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country that absolutely adores its coffee. It’s not just a drink, but a social aspect of life, particularly in the capital city, Hanoi. Morning, noon and night, Vietnamese people meet with friends, family, partners to sit, chat and sip cups of coffee, the streets lined with quirky independent coffee shops, some fancy, others basic, the pavements outside filled with tiny plastic stools that are stacked and un-stacked as people come and go. It’s a pretty amazing sight, and a pretty amazing atmosphere, coffee is for people of all ages and all classes, in this country it [...]