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Announcing Our New Expansion to Beautiful Tennessee!

PBFY Remains Industry Leader by Expanding to Tennessee PBFY offers faster services to East Coast and Midwestern Clients Brea, California – PBFY announces significant capacity expansion to better serve East Coast and Midwest customers by opening up a new manufacturing and shipping site in Portland, Tennessee this January. Not only will they offer industry leading service to their current customer base, but now will grow to take on more customers, all while providing the highest quality in flexible packaging. Residents of Portland can expect the same high quality working environment that is currently offered in the Brea location. CEO and founder of [...]

5 More Ways to Reward Employees Without Digging Into Your Pocket

We previously gave you some great ideas on how to reward your employees without digging too far into your wallet. Those five tips were not the only ways to do this, and we’ve got five more for you this week! Even More Recognition In addition to the management team recognizing employees for productivity or accomplishments, your company should encourage employees to recognize each other, for everything. Creating a bulletin board or sectioning off part of one for recognition is one way to do this. Employees can write notes on post-its or even get creative in acknowledging their coworkers. Take this to [...]

The History of Iced Tea and Ice Tea, but not Ice-T

I was born in the southeastern United States and now live in the Northeast. Most people I’ve met who were not born in The South have unyielding opinions about ice tea which are usually either that it is something that only happens in the South (at least it did before companies like Snapple became a thing) or that sweet ice tea is weird/gross/ridiculous. I thought that ice tea was only a southern thing myself (besides Snapple) until I started researching this blog. It turns out; it is international. This surprised me considering the one time I took my daddy (an [...]

Is Coffee Good or Bad for You? It Depends On What Year It Is.

Something’s perceived health benefits can vary considerably depending on time and place. One decade it’s amazing for you, the next it causes cancer. Think about cocaine: it was first used medically and even put in the first famous soft drink, Coca-Cola; then people started figuring out it was addictive and could kill you and now it’s an illegal drug that party-goers and businessmen use for its non-health “benefits.” The same is true of coffee. No, it’s not an illegal drug, but, it is one of the most addictive and normalized drugs in our society. And, like cocaine, its perceived health [...]

Why Subscriber Lists Are So Important for Email Marketing

If you’re new to internet marketing, you might not be aware that you use one of your most powerful marketing tools every day: email. One of the easiest ways to get your target market engaged with your company online is through marketing emails. You’ll be blown away by the increase in website traffic and online engagement you’ll see when you get an email marketing campaign off the ground, and the single most important aspect of that is having a solid subscriber list. We’ll look at what an email subscriber list is, how it works for you, and even how [...]

Understanding Your Espresso: Tastes, Brews, and Styles

If you have ever gone through the process of making an espresso, you potentially have wondered why exactly it didn’t come out quite the same as your café’s coffee. You’ve bought the same beans, used a top of the line brewing machine, and have even got a little espresso cup to sip out of, and yet it is still not quite as good. In this article, we are going to help you break down different components of taste, brewing espresso, and different styles that you can diagnose your cup or better yet just enjoy your first brew of the [...]

What Goes into a Webinar?

As your company grows, up-skilling and communicating with your employees can become a challenge, especially as you continue to shape and change the direction of your business. If you are wondering how large corporations and institutions across the world are communicating and educating one another, looking into successful webinars may just be the answer for you and your blossoming business. Successfully done webinars can go beyond just communicating with your co-workers and employees, they can help educate customers on your products and services as well. Webinars are a type of online education and can be used to teach new [...]

Healthy Alternatives to Fight Your Favorite Carbs

Whether you are counting calories as part of your New Year’s resolution, or simply trying to substitute out portions of pasta for your beloved celiac partner, you may be frantically searching for alternatives that are actually good tasting. If you have been on this quest before, perhaps last year’s resolution, then you know that your love of bread and pasta may get in the way. However, we have some of our absolute favorites down below to swap out but still enjoy your meal, and some different simple ways to prepare them. While substituting could save your diet, it can [...]