Incredibly Delicious & Easy Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Sauces

Memorial Day weekend (the last weekend in May) kicks off the summer BBQ season for millions of Americans. Grills are pulled out, scrubbed and lit in anticipation of charbroiling everything from fish to hot dogs. According to the beef industry, Memorial Day is the biggest beef day of the year with steaks and burgers topping the list of BBQ favorites. We want you to have a wonderful and stress-free time at your Memorial Day celebration so we’ve compiled some tips and advice to help you have a safe and delicious time this year. Do: Prep your grill. Light your fire [...]

How To Create An Eye-Catchy Logo For Your Product

You want to attract attention to your product or brand. You want the logo to look amazing, and you also want the logo to be something people can remember. What can you do to make your logo both memorable and eye-catching? First of all, let's talk about making a simple logo. Can a logo be simple and eye-catching? Let's think of Nike for example. You may say yes. Nike's logo is simple, and we remember them. However, we remember that logo because it belongs to a big company. The logo in itself is not actually that great. The advertisement that [...]

Mouth-Watering Cracker Toppers Great For Any Occasion

Crackers are an easy snack to grab, especially if you are on the go. Sometimes, though, those crackers need a little livening up. Let’s take a look at two recipes for cracker toppers that keep you wanting more. Buffalo Chicken Dip- Add a little spice to your cracker with this delicious dip. This dish is ready in 30 minutes. Ingredients: 1 8 oz package cream cheese, softened(for best results, remove from fridge a few hours before you plan to make the dip). ½ of buffalo wing sauce ½ of blue cheese dressing (ranch dressing can also be substituted) 2 [...]

Armed Forces Day – Thank You for Your Service!

We want to personally thank those brave men and women who are serving in the armed forces. We know that your job is not just a job but a full-time commitment. You have given so much to give us the freedoms that we have today, and we just want to take a moment to thank you for what you have given. You have given up your home, your family, and your way of life to serve others. We want to let you know that we appreciate your unselfish decision to fight for our country and risk your very life by [...]

Personalize Homemade Trail Mix with Nuts, Fruits & More!

Trail mix has always been an enjoyable snack for me. I enjoy the mix of salty and sweet, and best of all, it's healthy! Sometimes, though, there's that one kind of nut or fruit that you bite into and you dislike. You pick through the trail mix to avoid eating it anymore. Some trail mixes are better than others, and there are certain trail mixes that are just missing that little taste of your favorite fruit. What can you do to make the perfect trail mix? Let's walk step by step through the process of personalizing your trail mix. Nuts: The [...]

Would You Like Fries With That? Those Famous Words That Created Upselling

If you're not upselling to your customers, you should be. We're going to answer five questions about upselling so you can be more successful in your business. What is upselling? Upselling is when you offer a little bit better product for a little bit larger price tag. For example, if someone is going to buy a camera that costs $300, you offer them a camera with a few extra features for $350. This is upselling because you earn a little more money, and they get a product that is a step above what they were going to buy. Sometimes, people see this behavior as tricking [...]

7 Upcoming Summer Food Festivals To Satisfy Your Summer Eating

Food festivals have always been enjoyable times when people celebrate the harvest of food, when they show thankfulness for such bountifulness. Now, we use food festivals more as a time to bond around our favorite kinds of food. Food has always made talking to people easier. Start your summer off right by visiting some of these popular food festivals. Oakdale Chocolate Festival in Oakdale, California- Who doesn't like chocolate? From May 21- May 22, there will be over 200 vendors who are selling all types of chocolate- fudges, ice creams, brownies. If you can think of it and it is [...]