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Unemployment and Job Creation: The Numbers Tell the Story

Unemployment statistics are important no matter which side of the desk you sit on. Job growth and creation affects all of us around the nation. If your region is closing stores , people are losing jobs, construction is down, that affects your business. High unemployment means less patrons with disposable income will be coming into your business.  Let’s take a look at the states who are the current leaders in job growth and those who are on the other side of the coin with high unemployment/ jobless claims. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes regular statistics on unemployment claims and [...]

How Workers Comp Claims Affect a Company’s Bottom Line

Worker’s Compensation is the law. You must carry coverage under Worker’s Compensation if you have employees. Your premiums vary depending upon your industry and how many employees you have. This insurance may be the single most expensive premium your company pays. This is the first impact on company profits margins, but what happens when an employee makes a claim? If your company is large enough to qualify, your annual premiums can and will be affected by the payment of employee claims. This is not the only cost. The truth is, there are other indirect costs affecting your bottom line related [...]

The Strangest Coffee Additives Yet

Coffee purists beware. We’re about to disturb you. There’s a new trend out there for foodies and coffee-enthusiasts combined. We think it’s just a fad, so don’t be too alarmed. People are putting things in coffee that have never been in coffee before. We’re not just talking about flavored syrups, sweeteners, and some of the newer additives such as coconut oil or things we’re already familiar with like chicory. These folks are trying everything from bacon to cheese and beyond. Not all of it works, oddly enough, but some of it is actually quite tasty according to the brave men [...]

5 Things Your Customers Can Tell You About Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you probably fit a certain kind of profile. You’re more than likely over 30, of above- average intelligence with some college education, perhaps even an MBA. You’re certainly educated about your industry, your products, and about the competition. Still there’s always more to learn. There are small business seminars, tradeshows and conventions, and all manner of continuing education in your field. That being said, a great deal of insight and information can be found coming from a rather unlikely source. Your customers! Patrons of your shop, restaurant or business can give you some valuable [...]

Forecast For Culinary Trends in 2016

It’s a brand new year! One of the hottest growth industries for this, or any decade, the restaurant industry, has put out it’s predictions for this year's culinary trends. 2016 will be a growth year for the job market in this industry. Let’s take a look at the culinary forecast for 2016. The National Restaurant Association surveyed around 1,600 chefs to compile what they expect to be some of the hottest food and menu trends for next year