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Outfitted for Success – How to Plan for Production Growth in Your Small Business

As your small business grows from homemade hobby to legitimate business concern, you and everything related to your business has to grow also. In order to meet the growing demand for your product, you have to increase your production and expand your reach. Here are some tips to help make the transition a bit easier. Be Realistic Depending upon how many direct or third party sellers you have lined up, you may have a pretty good production target. The idea is to think big, but not go overboard. Especially with food items. The last thing you want is for your product [...]

Farmer’s Markets – How to join and how to sell at your local farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets are a great place to get out in your community, get noticed and test your product. Becoming a vendor isn’t very difficult or expensive, and a regular appearance at your local farmer’s market is a wonderful way to build your reputation and your brand. It’s a low- risk way of testing and growing your business without making a commitment to a permanent commercial or retail space. Here are some tips to help you show your product to it’s best advantage, bring in and keep new customers. Get Started The first step to becoming a vendor in your local market [...]

10 Easy Ways to Follow-Up with Your Customers

In this age of technological advances we can get so caught up in making connections electronically, that we forget to make connections personally. Lack of human interaction and response tops consumer complaints. People want to know that companies are more than just a robotic message or an email. We’re not saying technology is bad. Far from it. We love and depend on our technology, but let’s not sacrifice our humanity to it. We can use technology to enhance communications and build connections and relationships with our colleagues and customers. How do we do that? Let us count down the [...]

Email Marketing – Build Your Customer Base with Email

Email marketing is an easy way to grow your business! Here are some great reasons to build a subscriber list. Identify your customers When you sign up customers to an email list you get a picture of their preferences and buying habits. You can see the demographics your products or service appeals to and learn more about who buys what. This allows you to to collect data that will help you be more successful in future production estimates and targeted marketing campaigns. Connect with your customers Email marketing is so much more than spamming the inbox of your subscribers. Social interaction is the [...]

Trade Shows, Festivals and Farmers Markets – Get Noticed!

One of the best ways for a fledgling business to get out into the world and start selling is at local events. Most communities have a posted calendar where you can find out about trade shows, festivals and farmers markets as well as parades, church events and other happenings in your local area. The benefits of showing up at these events are many. Let’s face it, you have to start somewhere. Through attendance at these types of events you'll learn a great deal about who your ideal customer is and the best way to market your product to them. Research [...]

Sell Without a Store – Tips for Setting Up a Virtual Storefront

You’ve made the monumental decision to take your homemade hobby to the next level. You’re ready to sell on a larger scale, but still haven’t grown your business to the point where you can afford to lease or purchase a commercial space. You’re going to continue to be based from home, but how are you going to reach the masses from your suburban kitchen or craft room? Here are some tips for selling your product without a storefront. Getting the Word Out You can’t sell anything if people never hear about it so getting the word out is very important. You [...]

Choosing a B.R.A.N.D. – Be Resourceful And Never Discouraged

Building a brand for your business is much more than simply choosing a name and a catchy tagline. You're creating an identity that encompasses far more than your logo or slogan. Still, if you're successful, that name and image will forever identify you with the product or service you provide. Every generation has the brands they identify with, and some will cross generational boundaries to live on in perpetuity. You're going to want to think long and hard about the brand you build to make sure it is not only something you can live with forever, but also something that [...]

OSO Pepper Company

Why did you start your business? The idea for Oso Pepper Company began with the belief that a pepper sauce should convey more than just the sensation of, “my mouth is on fire.” It should convey the taste of the pepper itself. How did you start your business? Back in 2008 when Myra and I began our garden, we never thought that it would lead from a hobby to a business. All we wanted to do that summer was create a little garden that would provide us with a mix of fruit, vegetables, and herbs for our family table. Then things got out [...]

Before The Bag – Why Proper Food Handling Matters

You’ve been successfully growing your home-based food business to the point where you’re ready to take it to the next level. You’ve tasted and tested your product, gotten rave reviews from friends and family, and done everything you can to perfect your unique recipe to fit the niche market you’re aiming for. Perhaps you’ve rented a small commercial kitchen to begin production, or you’ve made the choice to have your home kitchen certified. What next? Education is key When you’re ready to make the leap from homemade hobbies to commercial production on your million dollar idea, there are a ton of [...]

Shelf Appeal: Select the Perfect Package to Display Your Product

A company leader wears many hats. If it’s your company, you’re it. You’re in charge and the buck stops with you. You have all of the important decisions to make; from concepts to execution to getting the product on the shelves. It all rests in your capable hands. Some of these decisions are easy. After all, it’s your vision and your idea that has been put in motion to create a product. You found a need and you found a way to fill that need. Sounds pretty simple when you break it down like that, but the reality is [...]