How to Cut Calories from Your Daily Intake

So you just decided that you want to lose some weight and start off with a healthy lifestyle! Wait, let me rephrase that, you decided on doing that a long time ago, maybe while drafting out your New Year’s Resolution and it’s only now that you decided to act on that resolution with some quick action. The allure and call of this scorching hot summer and the whimsical call of having that dream beach body probably prodded you to take action even further. As you may have read in my other blog posts, I am a guy who loves science [...]

Why You Should Use a Scale When Brewing Coffee

As a regular subscriber to this blog, I am sure it is safe to assume that just like me, you can all appreciate the resplendent phenomenon that is coffee. Coffee is just one of those things in this world that is hard not to love. It brings an uplifting spirit to our weary bones when we’ve had that long day that seems to have never ended. To the modern day titan, coffee is the ambrosia that allows us to accomplish feats of immortality, especially in the workplace! If Achilles had the River Styx to protect himself and Hercules had [...]

4 Tips for Reducing Energy Costs for Your Business

Running a business is essentially anchored around having a product, service or commodity that you would like to provide and getting paid for it. While the standard business model sounds pretty simple and straightforward as provide and get paid, there are a lot more intricacies as far as a business is concerned. Making people aware of your product is very important in order to attract customers to your business. Finding a way to sell to a certain niche or sector is also a core business need in order to generate the lifeblood of the business, which would be the revenue [...]

The Simple Sophistication of the Coffee Press

What if I told you about this amazing coffee machine that made a perfect cup of coffee? If you think you’ve heard it before let me tell you about the features that it possesses. This machine is capable of making multiple cups of freshly brewed, perfectly flavored, full-bodied coffee. This machine uses a technique called immersion in which the coffee granules are saturated in water and the caffeine, flavors and aroma are extracted to perfection with minimal technique. A built-in filter makes sure that coffee grounds do not mix up with the liquid when you pour that piping hot [...]

Pour Over Some Happiness

Growing up in the 80s was extremely interesting. The world was much different but was on the cusp of modernizing itself. We weren’t in the Information Age yet, and computers back then for me was something to play a few square blocks put together hitting one square block towards an opponent composed of other square blocks. That video game I used to enjoy for hours on end was considered cutting-edge and a computer processing marvel. True to the theme of an upcoming technology and a world that was so convinced that Japan, being the mecca of innovative new electronics like [...]

Little-Known Fruits with Large Health Benefits

The old adage goes, “What you don’t know, won’t hurt you.” Well, that doesn’t necessarily hold true at all times. In an ironically paradoxical way another saying states that, “Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune.” Well, believe what you may want to, but I think I’m stacking my odds and putting my money on knowing. Especially because as a kid in the 80s, GI Joe always emphasized that, “Knowing is half the battle.” Where am I going with all this? Well, I wanted to write about some fruits that may not be very familiar to you. These fruits have been identified [...]

Your Secret Weapon Against the Summer

It’s summer once again and one thing we’ve been noticing over the past few summers is that the weather just seems to be getting hotter and hotter. Air conditioning is a godsend to help alleviate the effects of exacerbating heat but we have to deal with the fact that AC isn’t around all the time especially if we want to spend the day outside. As pleasant as having the sun out, staring at blue skies and not needing to bundle up like an eskimo, the summer does have some drawbacks to it. One of these drawbacks, especially for 'coffeecionados' like [...]