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The Evolution of the Thanksgiving Menu (Plus Recipes!)

America has a “Traditional Thanksgiving” menu. This usually includes a turkey, roasted, or (in more recent times), deep-fried; mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and perhaps yams or sweet potatoes. Of course we can’t forget the pumpkin or pecan pie for dessert. Sound familiar? What many modern Americans may not realize is that the first Thanksgiving, the one we commemorate on the 4th Thursday in November each year, was vastly different. The menu has evolved over the past 150 years to the “traditional” meal we celebrate. Here’s a look at what might have been on the menu on that [...]

Poll – How Far Would You Go To Get Your Favorite Coffee?

For many of us, a fancy coffee drink from Peet’s or Starbucks is a rare treat. Others can’t get through their work day without one. Coffee drinking is a multi-billion dollar habit in America, with literally millions of specialty coffee drinks being consumed on a daily basis. Whether it’s down the road, across town, or down the hall to your very own kitchen, you will get your coffee! PBFY wants to know how far you go to get your favorite cup of the bitter brew.

Start an Independent Coffee Roasting Company – Part 2 of 3

So, you’ve decided on being an independent coffee roaster. Awesome! You’re on your way to joining the likes of Herbert B. Hyman, founder of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Jerry Baldwin, co-founder of Starbucks and Alfred Peet, founder of Peet’s Coffee & Tea. There’s no secret to success as an independent, but figuring out how you can be unique will set you apart from all the other independent roasters in the area. It could be your name, slogan, type of beans or process, or other aspects of your business. Capitalize on that and you will stand out over your [...]

How To Start & Run Your Own Coffee Business – Part 1 of 3

You are a coffee lover and an entrepreneur with a dream of owning your own coffee business. You have questions , that’s normal. There’s a lot of research to be done on the type of business, location choice and cost of becoming an independent coffee business. Then there’s the franchise question. Should you join forces with a name like Peet’s or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to give your store an edge? Or are you firmly rooted in the independent coffee movement and just want to bring your own flavor to the community?

3 Amazing Coffee Tours to Take for Your Next Vacation

Where does a coffee lover go for their dream destination vacation? Central or South America, of course! Where else can you get gorgeous scenery and some of the best coffee in the world? We’ve done the research and found 3 fabulous coffee tours to satisfy your coffee craving direct from the source. We chose these countries because of the historical role coffee has played in the economy and wealth of the countries. Each of these destinations not only cater to tourists, giving 4 star accommodations and tours, but has a rich coffee culture that permeates the country. So get [...]

Coffee is a Big Business, but It’s Not Always About the Shop

Our morning (or afternoon) coffee is something that many of us take for granted. We think nothing of stopping into our favorite coffee shop for our daily latte or macchiato. Many of our favorite stores even have drive-up service available. All these conveniences and the $5 the average person spends daily actually adds up to a multi-billion dollar a year industry internationally. Entrepreneurs take notice! Here are some interesting tidbits of information that might lead you to think about starting your own coffee related business.

Poll – 8 Popular Websites to Sell Your Product or Service Online

There’s no denying that the way we market and sell products has changed. Gone are the days when you had to set up a storefront and advertise in the newspaper, on radio or television to bring in customers. The door-to-door salesman is relic of the past. While many businesses still operate in traditional ways, others choose to use alternative methods, current technology and an innovative out-of-the-box approach to selling their products. The rise of online businesses has been meteoric in the past decade. The shopping habits of Americans has decidedly shifted from big box and department stores to online shopping. [...]

7 Types of Coffee Drinkers; Which One Are You?

What you order or brew says a lot about you. Do you recognize yourself in any of these “Coffee Personalities?“ Dark Roast - Dark, smooth and understated. Dark roast drinkers are serious about their brew. Drinkers of dark brew view life as strong and bitter, but add a little sugar or honey and things look a lot sweeter. Don’t talk to them before they’ve consumed at least 2 cups without risk of seeing their dark side! Pour Over - The pour over coffee brewer doesn’t mess around with timers, drip machines or other gadgets. Hot water and coffee beans are where [...]

6 Signs You Need Stronger Coffee

Mornings can be hard! We struggle to wake up, put ourselves together and get the kids dressed, fed and off to school with their homework and lunches. Some days we’re lucky if their shoes match. It often feels like there is not enough coffee in South America to fuel us through the day! Here are 6 signs you need stronger coffee. Have any of these ever happened to you?

Poll – What’s your opinion on Peet’s Coffee buying Stumptown?

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, the Seattle-based precursor to Starbucks in the “Second Wave” of coffee popularity has acquired Portland, Oregon-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters, one of the stand-out companies in the infamous “Third Wave”. For those of you who are new to coffee terminology and history, the First Wave was the percolator coffee-turned-automatic-drip wave. Got it? Stumptown Coffee Roasters was one of the vanguard of independent coffee roasters pioneering new methods of Java brew such as the “pour-over” and “cold brew”. Stumptown is famous for their packaged label cold brewed coffee in a bottle which is unique and amazingly popular in [...]