Vacuum Sealers

  • Value Vac Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

    Value Vac


    16″ noozle type high performance vacuum Sealer.

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  • Light Portable Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer

    11″ Light Portable Vacuum Sealer


    DZ-280/2SD is a 11″ cream-colored, plastic, light vacuum sealer. It has a controlled heat-seal timer and an automatic over heat warning indicator. The sealer is energy efficient, compact, & portable in size. It is very simple to operate. No compressor or special bag is needed. It gives a 2 line seal.

  • W Series Channel Type Double Impulse Vacuum Sealer

    18″ Double Vacuum Sealer


    WVT-455T is a no nozzle type vacuum sealer. Instead of using a nozzle, this sealer uses a small chamber to vacuum the air. An external pump is not needed. This is a complete unit ready to work on gusset bags only. Sealer is also equipped with a single and double selector switch so the user has a choice of using one sealing bar or two sealing bars (top and bottom) for greater heat penetration when sealing thicker material. WVT-455, a single sealing bar unit is available on special order.


    OPERATION: Set the vacuum, sealing and cooling time. Insert the bag between the sealing jaws, (multiple bags can be inserted ), press down the handle, the machine will start its vacuum-sealing-cooling cycle automatically.

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