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Stand Up Pouch Anatomy

Anatomy of a Stand Up Pouch: 3 minutes read Get out your notebooks – it’s time for a lesson in Standup Pouch anatomy! Lesson Objectives To understand Stand-Up Pouch anatomy in relation to shelf-appeal and shelf-function. Understand how the construction of a Stand-Up Pouch supports the integrity and freshness of its contents. To understand the full potential of a Standup Pouch’s optional features. Bottom Gusset The Stand-Up Pouch gets its name from the bottom gusset. A bottom gusset is the part of the pouch that extends flat and allows it to stand up straight when the bag is full. When the pouch is empty, the gusset [...]


Packaging design for specialty foods – key considerations.

Packaging design for specialty foods: 4 minutes read Arriving at the perfect packaging design for specialty foods is vital to the success of your new business venture – this is key! Once you have determined which is the best flexible packaging bag for your specific food product, here are some helpful tips for moving forward with your design: Do your research. The absolute first and unavoidable step is: do your research. This research will take time and effort, but will ultimately support your success. Research your target audience. Also, research your competitors. Learn about labeling regulations. Brush up your knowledge of retail merchandising, and [...]

Food Preservation

Food preservation and shelf life: is flexible packaging right for you?

Demystifying the shelf life question: 4 minutes read You have a fantastic high-quality food item or perishable product that’s just about ready to hit the shelves. Still, you’re missing one crucial element: the right packaging material that supports food preservation and shelf life. How do you maximize the shelf life of the product, keeping it fresher longer, helping reduce waste for both you and your customers? Let’s take a more in-depth look. What’s the shelf life of your product? First, let’s take a look at what is your product: coffee, tea, granola, salts, pet food, bone broth? Are there any additives? Is the product [...]

peanut packaging then and now

History of Peanuts & Peanut Packaging

Peanuts & peanut packaging. Read time 4 mins There is one type of nut that has been a staple of many people’s choice of snack and high in protein.  They now come in a wide variety of different flavors and used in many culinary dishes all across the world. Peanuts have been a part of American lives for many years. Seen as a staple of snacks, peanuts are now available in different flavors. Peanuts give us have health benefits but too much can swing the scale the other way. Where did Peanuts come from? Peanut plants grow in certain types of weather, [...]

Side Gusset Bags Line Up

Multiple Uses for Side Gusseted Bags

Side gusseted bags are a great way to package most food-related products. They are the go-to option for packaging coffee. However, there are more ways that these bags can be used.  Besides coffee, they can be used to package products such as flour and sugar. Merchants have also used them for oats and similar heavy products. One thing to remember is that the bags need to protect and extend the life of your perishable items. If there is a middle ground, here is a company that is capable of removing the protective layers in side gusseted bags one by one [...]

pet food packaging PBFY packaging

Pet Food Packaging: What consumers Look For

Pet food packaging has evolved throughout the years. Just like the human counterpart, pet food packaging has now included ingredient labels that showcase natural and healthy ingredients. Pet food packaging also has included eye-catching graphics filled with keywords and information meant to grab consumers’ attention and inform them.  These are the highlights that pet food packaging focuses more on. Healthy Ingredients Consumers look for what type of ingredients are in the food their beloved pets will consume. Like many pet owners, they often choose the best food according to the ingredients.  Having icons or artwork that depicts the main ingredients in [...]

Finding Packaging Bags

Finding the Right Packaging Bags for your Product

So you finally decided to start selling your custom product but need to find out what is the best flexible packaging bags for it. Starting out you need to have the best bang for your buck, but also need something trendy, and eye-catching.  Selling your product can be quite a feat, having a great product is just one side of the equation. The second half is having the right packaging, which can make all the difference between your product staying on the shelf or you rushing to fulfill additional orders as your product is now the new crave. Find the [...]