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Hot Foil Stamp Best Practices

Packaging Best Practices: Hot Stamp

What is hot stamp imprinting?  Hot stamp imprinting is the process that consists of using a hot stamp press and foils that imprints a design into a surface. It is used for logos or artwork on plastic or paper bags. Hot stamp imprinting is a very affordable solution for small businesses to market their products. What colors can I use?  Hot stamp imprinting can be done with metallic, matte metallic, and matte colors. Metallic colors give off the foil glossiness which has the best outcome regarding sharpness. They often are the most popular option when using a hot stamp. Matte metallic has a semi-glossy look that [...]

cafe de la olla

Mexican Coffee: Cafe de la Olla Recipe History & Dangers

3 minute read – 15 minute recipe Ingredients Needed: 4 cups of water 1.5 oz of Piloncillo or 2/4 of a cone 1 cinnamon stick 1 clove (optional) 1/2 cup of ground Mexican coffee Easy to follow directions: Step 1: Combine the water, cinnamon, piloncillo and clove (optional) in a pot set on high heat. Step 2: Bring to boil, while stirring, make sure that the piloncillo has completely diluted in the water. Turn the heat down to medium-low. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes. At this point you can carefully taste the broth for desired sweetness and may add more piloncillo if needed. Continue to heat until [...]

burn fat woman shows drop in weight | BPFY

Want to Burn Fat? Drinking Coffee Might Help!

People around the world have been looking for ways to burn fat, preferably quickly, for a very long time. It seems these days the need to lose weight is becoming even more critical than in the past. Obesity is an ever-increasing health problem in many countries, and diseases associated with overweight are becoming a significant problem across the globe. Hundreds of supposedly fat-burning products have been produced, most of them having little to no effect. However, new research shows that something we commonly consume could help us shed that excess fat: coffee! There’s More Than One Type of Fat. All of us [...]

Asian Tea Alliance Infograph | PBFY Packaging

Co-opetition Through the Asian Tea Alliance

Asian Tea Alliance – Finding a way to work together Competition in business is fierce, as is the competition between large corporations as they strive to make more substantial profits is too. To make the competition more controllable, a number of countries and states have formed competition bureaus or commissions. These entities aim to balance out the competition in terms of pricing, production costs, etc. As it stands, old business models may run out of time in a new business world that is racing towards a concept called co-opetition. What is co-opetition? Meaning of co-opetition Co-opetition, a term used for cooperative competition, can [...]

coffee price crisis Cash and Coffee | BPFY

The International Coffee Price Crisis

Coffee Price Crisis – 3.5 minute read A lot of people around the world with different cultures and traditions unify by one common thing, their love for coffee. Coffee is prevalent, especially amongst the working-class population that works long hours and needs caffeine to get through the day. Most of us probably perk up in the morning with a daily morning cup of coffee. However, this popular industry is facing an international crisis when it comes to coffee prices. What is the reason behind this issue, and what actions are being taken to solve the problem? The decrement of coffee bean prices [...]

artificial intelligence robot and human | PBFY

Artificial Intelligence Innovates the Food Industry

Artificial Intelligence & Food Industry – 4 minute read Artificial intelligence has caused innovations in the food industry, with much more expected. Artificial Intelligence is where computers perform tasks that usually require human knowledge. These tasks include decision-making, visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, and much more. The food industry, usually a little slow on the uptake of new technology, is well on its way to making AI integral to business as usual. Opportunities to implement AI in the food industry Food sorting Sorting through fresh produce is hugely time-consuming and labor-intensive. Potatoes are typically classified by size so that the manufacturer knows [...]


Nepali Tea Rises from the Shadows of Darjeeling

Nepali Tea Rises – 3 minute read Tea is one of the most common beverages in the world, in fact, it is the second most-consumed drink globally. However, a lot goes on in the tea industry that we don’t know about that revolutionizes this industry. These developments have happened gradually over the years and because of them, some ingredients were replaced by others. A perfect example of this is the Nepali tea which rose from the demise of Darjeeling tea. How did this evolution happen? Here is the history of the demise of Darjeeling tea and the rise of Nepali tea. Darjeeling Tea [...]