3 Amazing Coffee Tours to Take for Your Next Vacation

coffee beansWhere does a coffee lover go for their dream destination vacation? Central or South America, of course! Where else can you get gorgeous scenery and some of the best coffee in the world? We’ve done the research and found 3 fabulous South and Central American coffee tours to satisfy your coffee craving direct from the source. We chose these countries because of the historical role coffee has played in the economy and wealth of the countries. Each of these destinations not only cater to tourists, giving 4 star accommodations and tours, but has a rich coffee culture that permeates the country. From the hardscrabble farmers who eke out their living on small farms, to huge coffee plantations that export millions of pounds annually, coffee in these countries is everything on a much deeper level than we imagine in our North American coffee culture. So get ready to plan your dream vacation, and to become even more coffee savvy as you participate in these amazing coffee tour destinations. costa ricaCosta Rica – When you take a tour of Costa Rica’s coffee region you get the full experience from picking the fruit with the farmers during harvest season to touring the processing and drying facilities. Costa Rican coffee tours immerse you in the entire process. Your reward? A much clearer understanding of what goes into getting your coffee in America, plus, you get to taste fresh coffee from the very plants you were picking fruit from! What an amazing experience you’ll have! More info: https://costarica.com/activities/coffee-tours/ Colombia – The setting couldn’t be more breathtaking. Colombia’s coffee region sits on the slopes of the picturesque Andes mountains. Contact one of the South America Travel sites such as South America Travel and book 5 days and 4 nights of touring the coffee plantations in the region. Stay overnight in an actual hacienda and wake up each morning to the best coffee you’ve ever tasted! It doesn’t get much fresher than that! More info: https://www.southamerica.travel/Colombia-Tours/Colombia-Coffee-Region-Tour/ hand picked coffee beansBrazil – When you visit Sao Paulo, you have your choice of activities. One tour not to be missed on your visit to Brazil is the Campinas Coffee Plantation Tour. This is a full day of touring that will take you through a coffee farm and give you a wonderful historical perspective, as well as insight into the process your coffee beans go through from seed to harvest and processing to exportation. Coffee culture has lived in Brazil since the 18th Century. There is a wealth of historical information available here as well as museums and other coffee tours. You will gain a new appreciation for that cup of coffee you have each day. The taste will linger long after you return home. More info: https://www.braziltravelinformation.com/brazil_saopaulo_tours.htm We hope you enjoy your coffee destination vacation tour, no matter where you go. If you’ve taken a coffee tour, we’d love to hear about it! Post comments below, and coffee cheers to you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X-pErkPNhI

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