5 Benefits of Hot Stamp Printing

How do you recognize your favorite brands in the store? Is it intuition, properly labeled aisles, or product displays? Most likely, you know them by their packaging. Between familiar colors, brand logos, and lettering, brands shape a customer’s perception of their image by making a positive first impression with packaging. For food industry brands, packaging needs to be attractive, functional, and inspire brand recognition to drive increased sales. Hot stamp printing, also called foil stamp printing, offers brands a solution that meets all three needs. Discover the benefits of using hot stamp printing as your brand’s packaging solution.
Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Hot Stamp Printing

One of the best options for professional, attractive flexible packaging at an affordable rate, is hot stamp printing which has become the preferred packaging option for many brands.

hot-stamp-print-samples11. Strategically Market Your Brand

A low cost solution to packaging, hot stamp printing can be used to create packages for both popular food items and promotional goods. Whether your brand is trying out a new flavor, offering a limited time product, or celebrating a company milestone that should be shared with the world, the hot stamp method is quick, cost effective, and doesn’t require ordering a large number of packages. Similarly, use hot stamp printing to create special packaging for in-person events or complimentary samples to attract attention to your brand and heighten brand awareness.

2. Reduce Packaging Bulk

Bulky packaging is not only more expensive to create, ship and store, it also receives negative attention from customers who don’t want to fuss with extra cardboard, plastic, or foil. Hot stamp printing reduces the total size and weight of food products, allowing total shipping weight to come close to the product’s actual weight, which saves you money and space. As society continues to become more environmentally conscious, conserving packaging and resources by using hot stamp printing will get your brand noticed while easing your brand’s environmental footprint.

3. Keep Food Items Fresh

Although branding and packaging is essential to marketing, the true indicator of your brand’s staying power is product quality. Whether you specialize in coffee, beef jerky, or a gourmet food item, choose sealed, stand-up bags on which hot stamp printing can be applied. Available with an optional product window, printed bags offer customers an enticing glimpse of your product that influences purchase decisions. Once customers take your product home, they won’t be disappointed by a lack of freshness.

4. Save Time and Money

Whether you’re just starting your business or have ample experience refining internal efficiency, the quest to save time and money anywhere you can is never ending. Establishing internal resources to create packaging is the most expensive option, whereas taking a do-it-yourself approach is the most time-consuming. Instead of individually packaging each product or establishing an internal packaging department, trust professionals to complete the hot stamp printing process quickly and within budget.

hot-stamp-print-samples25. Foster Brand Loyalty

Though not immediately apparent, using hot stamp printing to develop product packaging and design fosters a sense of brand loyalty among your customers. Wherever they are geographically or online, recognizing and choosing to purchase your brand instead of competitors is almost intuitive when packaging solutions are unified across a brand’s product lines. A classic example of this fact is McDonald’s. For 60 years, McDonald’s has become distinguished by its golden arches, which are prominently displayed throughout each store and on packaging. An Australian study conducted with 38 toddlers who are unable to read, revealed that 93% of them properly linked McDonald’s to their iconic logo. If toddlers are making a connection between branding and business, how much more are adults who make definitive purchase decisions?

Meet Customers’ Needs with Hot Stamp Printing

Are you selling food products designed to make your customers’ lives easier, like portable snacks? Your customers want convenience, and hot stamp printing allows you to create branded product packages that take up little space and stand on their own. Between endless customization options, affordability, and giving customers what they want, choosing hot stamp printing as your packaging solution is a wise business move. The next time you’re evaluating your product packaging process, specifically compare your current solution to the benefits of hot stamp printing to ensure you’re receiving the best return on your investment.

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