6 Signs You Need Stronger Coffee

coffee-206142_640Mornings can be hard! We struggle to wake up, put ourselves together and get the kids dressed, fed and off to school with their homework and lunches. Some days we’re lucky if their shoes match. It often feels like there is not enough coffee in South America to fuel us through the day! Here are 6 signs you need stronger coffee. Have any of these ever happened to you? #6 You’re talking to your Mom on the phone while getting yourself ready in the morning and panic because you can’t find your phone! #5 You pour orange juice in the coffee pot and put the coffee pot back into the refrigerator. #4 You get the coffee pot ready, go shower and dress only to find you forgot to push the “on” button. coffee slump#3 You get to the office for your meeting only to find that you grabbed Junior’s homework instead of your presentation notes. Junior will be turning in profit and loss statements to his 5th grade teacher. #2 Checking your makeup in the ladies’ room mirror at work, you notice that only one eye has eyeliner. #1 The 3 O’Clock slump comes at 10 am. Clearly you need stronger coffee!

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