Discover and Indulge in the Best Snacks for 2017

Everything has a trend and that includes snacks. Four months into this new year, let’s look at what snacks are shaping up (or already universally accepted) as the best snacks of 2017!

It may seem like it’s too early for a list like this; but, what’s better? Knowing what the best snacks are probably going to be and being ahead of the trend or finding out after everyone else has bought the entire stock of the best cookies or chips on the market this year. Let the snacking begin!

One of the best ways to minimize your calories but still satisfy that sweet tooth is with cookie thins. Brands like Mrs. Thinster’s offer a variety of flavors of thin and crispy cookies that give you a satisfying texture and a guilt-minimizing sweet.

Along the same lines of guilt-minimizing tasty things is popcorn cakes from Skinny Pop. Like rice cakes, yes, but more popcorny, in my opinion, more flavorful, and low-calorie. It’s like a handful of popcorn that’s been fused together and it’s awesome!

Another crunchy snack that has been growing in the past few years is veggie sticks like those from Snack Factory. These are like cheese puffs with actual nutrition; you can have the liberating pleasure of a kid and the responsibility of a healthy adult.

I’ve been looking for individual bags of tortilla style chips for years. Paqui has a bunch of different flavors of tortilla chips, including one that tastes like Cool Ranch Doritos, and their chips are made without artificial additives!

One of my truly favorite new snacks that are fairly healthy is Justin’s snack pack of chocolate hazelnut butter with pretzels to dip in. The brand also makes a scrumptious Honey Peanut Butter pack with banana chips. I love peanut butter and banana and with these snack packs, I can have that childhood nostalgia with an adult-style aesthetic.

Speaking of childhood snacks that I can enjoy responsibly as an adult, Goldfish now come made with organic wheat. You get the same time-tested flavor with that ideal minimized guilt. These are also a great choice for your kids, as they are marketed toward children…apparently.

If you can’t tell that I’m a big fan of crunch products, you need to catch up. My next suggestion is from Purely Elizabeth. It’s a granola laced with probiotics and fiber as well as proteins that come in healthier option dark chocolate and is a definitively filling snack.

I guess I should have mentioned ahead of time that the sub-theme of this post is snacks that you can eat as an adult that remind you of being a kid. Sorry for not being fully transparent. The next one on the list is your fruit-by-the-foot alternative from Annie’s—yes the macaroni and cheddar bunnies goddess—which makes a peely fruit snack that is healthier but hits that nostalgic, childhood spot!

You’ll be certain you picked up an empty package the first time you grab gimMe organic seaweed snacks. They are light, flaky and salty with all of the nutrient offerings of seaweeds and minimum calories.

What are some of the snacks you’ve discovered or are excited to try this year? Share in the comments below!

Then there are the treats you can make yourself based on trends from the DIY community online. Some of the ones that have jumped out at me are below. These tend to be healthier because they’re less processed and have mostly ingredients that are completely identifiable in them. They also tend to be more satisfying because you took the time to make them yourself.

This blog has a recipe for homemade fruit snacks, made with real fruit and sweetened with honey. They’re made with gelatin so they come out chewy, making them great for kids or that kid that’s still living inside of you! And you can make your favorite flavor and experiment to find the best combination! Plus you can use fruits that are in season, and frozen fruits, meaning they don’t just have to be a spring and summer snack.

One of my favorite new DIY snacks is one I’ve been experimenting with for a couple years now. It’s the granola peanut butter energy ball or bar. You can do almost anything with this, and most of the recipes are raw so they’re just about combining flavors and textures for a healthy, energizing snack. I like to add coconut for texture and nutrition (and a little sweetness). You can puree dates or use honey for natural sweeteners. Raisins are delicious (to me) and then there’s always chocolate chips! You’re getting fiber, and protein, and natural sugars, and you can add in things like chia seeds, hemp, and other supplements to make it an explosion of nutrition and energy!

One of the best snacks/quick breakfasts I’ve found is recreating those addictive parfaits at Starbucks at home. Grab a cheap tub of Greek, plain or vanilla yogurt. Go for something unsweetened or lightly sweetened because you can always add honey, fruit or a healthier sugar like coconut sugar. Throw in frozen or fresh berries or other fruits; if you use bananas, they’re usually sweet enough that you don’t need sweetener. And add granola for crunch and fiber that will make your fullness last longer through the day. It’s delicious, quick to assemble and eat, and filling; and, if you do it right, it’s healthy!

And, in researching for this piece, I found the next recipe I’m definitely trying immediately; making your own goldfish! This recipe looks fantastic! Everything here is self-done, including the mold to make your goldfish look like goldfish! The goal I started out with was to make a less processed but equally delicious and addictive goldfish snack. You’ll be using fewer ingredients, fewer preservatives, and you can moderate your flour and salt and other ingredients to satisfy any allergies or dietary needs/desires. They’re healthier and again more satisfying because you’re making them yourself. They also look like a fun family craft/cooking project that can offer the opportunity for bonding and fun with the end result being a healthy and tasty snack that everyone can enjoy!

What are some popular snacks that you’ve found the perfect homemade recipe for like the goldfish recipe above?

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