Drinking Coffee Doesn’t Raise the Risk of Death

For many years, coffee has been one of the dark horses in the beverage world. Surpassed by only sugary drinks, coffee has been labeled as a drink that is associated with heart, liver and kidney disease.

A drink that is synonymous with death. However, new studies have emerged that is starting to break down the stigma that revolves around coffee. These studies are showing that coffee lovers need not fear the adverse effect of coffee on their health, but rather embrace it as an elixir of life.

A recent study, done by The U.S. cancer researchers, have found that even drinking as much as eight cups of coffee a day, does not increase your risk of death. The research also revealed that decaf and instant coffee drinkers are at an even lower risk of death than ground coffee drinkers.

They attributed this finding to the fact that ground coffee still has more chemicals than instant and decaf coffee. The data was collected from over 500 000 anonymous people in the U.K. Their medical records, test results and DNA samples were used to arrive at the conclusion that coffee isn’t as bad as everyone suggests.

This study, however, has not been the sole study that is starting to change the coffee is viewed. During last year, two other studies were conducted and resonated with the findings of this year’s study.

These studies indicated that a person who drinks three cups of coffee a day is less likely to suffer a stroke or develop heart disease or liver disease. The results stayed consistent whether the participants drank espresso, decaf, Americano or lattes.

More and more studies are beginning to show the benefits of coffee, and the negative side is being debunked around every corner. Coffee doesn’t just lower your risk of death, but it also packs a host of other benefits.


One of the biggest reasons why people consume coffee is because of the caffeine. It is the world’s most used psychoactive substance, and coffee is loaded with it. When you consume coffee, the caffeine is absorbed in the bloodstream and travels to the brain, and that is where the magic happens.

The caffeine acts as an inhibitor of Adenosine and increases the amounts of norepinephrine and dopamine. These two substances cause neurons to fire more rapidly. The result is higher levels of concentration, increased memory, improvement of moods, reaction times, energy levels and general cognitive function.

Fat burner

There is a reason why nearly every fat burning product out there contains caffeine. Caffeine is one of the few natural substances that has been proven to aid fat burning. It just so happens that caffeine naturally found in coffee and there is no need to buy expensive fat burning products when you can have a couple of cups of coffee. One of the reasons why caffeine seems to be so effective is because it seems to increase metabolic rates. It has shown to burn of 29% of fat in lean people and about 10% of fat in obese individuals.


Although there is no cure for cancer just yet, prevention is better than cure and coffee seems to be a substance that can protect your body from two types of cancer, namely colorectal cancer and liver cancer. Liver and colorectal cancer are ranked third and fourth respectively in terms of cancer deaths.

Studies showed that regular coffee drinkers have a 40% less chance of developing liver cancer and a 15 % less chance of developing colorectal cancer. The numbers don’t lie, and it was concluded that coffee played a major role on the lowering of risk for developing these types of cancer.

The list of benefits goes on, and the more studies are being done to prove that coffee indeed, the more companies are starting to invest in the beverage. Not because it is super healthy or anything, but rather because it is a lucrative business. Statista research showed that coffee sales would reach $13 billion by the end of this year and also increase by 3.1% from 2018 -2021.

Companies like Nestle brought a majority share in Blue Bottle Coffee and acquired Chameleon Cold-Brew. 7-Eleven even started brewing their own cups of coffee at all of their nearly, 11 000 outlets across the USA.

Consumers the world over are getting more involved and are showing much more interest in coffee. For this reason, we could expect to see more caffeine-containing food and beverage products in the near future. Mars relaunched its caffeine enhanced Alert Gum last year and aims to provide their customers with greater levels of focus and energy. Today, there are many other caffeine products that are starting to pop up. Anything from caffeinated sparkling water, beef jerky, jelly beans, cookies and ice cream are there for you to choose from.

These companies who produce caffeine-enhanced products have most certainly caught a whiff of the latest studies. The recent study that was done could easily be incorporated into any commercial or advert to entice their customers to buy more coffee products.

Recently, California officials also concluded that coffee is not the risky drink that history has made it out to be. A proposed regulation was brought to the fore that states that coffee does not pose any significant risk in terms of cancer development, although there are carcinogens present after each cup of coffee is brewed. The evidence that this cancer-causing chemical is responsible for increased risk of cancer development is unwarranted. In fact, over 1000 studies that were conducted in recent years showed that coffee could actually be preventing cancer.

It would be a huge win for coffee companies and encourage further development. In short, all of this is good news for the coffee addict. You never have to feel guilty about the amount of coffee you drink a day anymore. Rather, enjoy every sip and know that you might be extending your life with every cup you brew.

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