Email Marketing – Build Your Customer Base with Email

Email marketing is an easy way to grow your business! Here are some great reasons to build a subscriber list. Email Marketing businessmenIdentify your customers When you sign up customers to an email list you get a picture of their preferences and buying habits. You can see the demographics your products or service appeals to and learn more about who buys what. This allows you to to collect data that will help you be more successful in future production estimates and targeted marketing campaigns. Connect with your customers Email marketing is so much more than spamming the inbox of your subscribers. Social interaction is the way business is being conducted today. An email list gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers on a regular basis, engaging them in what you do and drawing them into membership in an exclusive club. Customers who feel invested in something with special discounts or other perks for “members only” will spend more money. Email Marketing emailCreate repeat customers Membership keeps customers coming back. Regular emails to your subscribers keeping them informed on the happenings in your company and community events will keep customers engaged and interested in what you’re doing. Knowing that the points and perks they’re receiving (as in a loyalty or special discount for members program) will pay off in the long run keeps them returning to purchase more towards that goal. Build your customer base An email list is an opportunity for you to grow your customer base. Any online order form or printed take-away should contain an opportunity for your customer to subscribe to your email list. Make it easy to sign up new customers and then give them rewards to keep them coming back. For example, offer a discount coupon, but require they go to your website to obtain a coupon code. Once there, a link to your email list can be offered. Once you’ve got the email sign-up, you’ve got the opportunity to keep that person on the website and turn them into a returning customer. Email Marketing newsletterInform your customers Make your emails to your customers less about selling and more about information. Connect with your subscribers on community events, specials deals that they might not be aware of , and articles of interest. Engagement and connection are the watchwords. A bi-weekly or monthly newsletter should be interesting and attention-grabbing enough that your customers will want to read it. Keep it short and informative and you can’t go wrong.

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