How to package and sell cookies online in 4 easy steps

Everyone you know tells you how delicious your cookies are. Suddenly you get a brilliant idea that you should try selling them at your local farmer’s market.  That idea is good, but there is a way that you can reach more people, and potentially get more orders.  So, you have decided to package and sell your cookies online, great, here is what you need to do.









Step 1:  Getting some delicious cookies

You have the best-tasting cookies in town, all your friends and people you know rave about how delicious your cookies are and how you get nominated to bring them to every gathering.  The bottom line is you need cookies before you can package and sell online.








Step 2:  Understand the Best Packaging Ideas

Besides having delicious cookies, having the right packaging is one of the most overlooked things that sellers often neglect.  There is a science behind the packaging, often it is best to use flexible packaging that allows potential customers to see your product and the quality to better connect.  Have your logo and branding stand out from the competition.  Remember that your cookies will be on shelves alongside your competition and a high visual design will most likely work to your advantage.


Top Cookie Packaging

Step 3: Picking out the right packaging

Cello bags:  These bags come in various sizes and styles.  Cellophane bags are made of quality products and are safe for food packaging. When properly sealed they can protect your cookies from dust and moisture which can cut down shelf life and ruin your cookies.  Cello bags are fairly cost-efficient and make them a great option if you are starting out or have a limited budget you are working with.


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Paper bags:  Not your typical brown paper bags, retail paper bags have a poly liner which is the ones you want.  The poly liner acts as a barrier between your consumable product and the paper layer that will protect against moisture, air, and dust from getting into the bag.  Make sure they are poly-lined otherwise your cookies will not stand a chance.  Other tips are to use a window to show your product and use a color that will make your brand design stand out.


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Stand-up Pouches:  These are the ultimate in retail packaging as they will not only protect your cookies and extend the shelf life, but with the right printing and design, can take your product to a different level. There are color options from clear to white, black, and many others. Stand-up pouches are the option you want to use if your competitors are already established brands and you want to compete right alongside them.


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Step 4: Selling Online

Once you have your product ready and packaged, you can now start selling your product online.  A good tip is to start where people already know you, social media. This is a great opportunity for your friends and family to spread the “word” online for you.  Social media can drastically enhance your chances as it puts a human touch to recommending a product.  Start local and work your way out expanding your reach, remember to make it easy for your customers to pay and receive their goods.   As you start to grow your operation, you will need to develop a plan for shipping out your cookies and making sure customers receive a proper tracking number, receipts and other needed documents with every transaction.  At this point, you might want to invest in having your own e-commerce website.  There are many options that can make it easy for anyone to start, one good recommendation would to look at a Shopify website.

Having a great product is a major key to success. If you can start with having great-tasting cookies, you already have a great head start. The other contributing factors that need attention are the type of packaging, your design and lastly having a plan laid out to start and grow your product online.  Start with social media, advertise your product to friends and family, also ask them if they could share your posts with their friends.  Digital word of mouth is very powerful because it has actual people talking bout how great your cookies are to others online.

Develop a system where customers can purchase online and receive their orders in a timely manner.  Even if you have the best tasting cookies ever, customers will turn on you if you don’t have a payment method established that is straightforward.  Get your customers your product fast! Once the order is processed, they will need their product.  Thanks to Walmart and Amazon, customers now have expectations to receive their purchased goods within 1-2 days.  This can be a difficult task for small businesses but if you can make it happen, you’ll be ahead of most competitors.

Ultimately, start where you can, and work to grow your operation from there.

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