How to Step Up Your Packaging Design Game

Packaging Design

How to Step Up Your Packaging Design Game to help your product ‘make it big’. Having the best product on the market is essential, but so is effective and attractive packaging design.

About Packaging Design

Research conducted in an attempt to determine what attracts the customer’s eye while shopping revealed that, contrary to popular belief, consumers do not want an endless amount of choice. Consumers reported a sense of overwhelm when presented with more options. Unfortunately, with the increasing number of small businesses on the market, variety will not become limited anytime soon. So how do you make your product stand out in a sea of options?


Your Branding

Creating your brand involves first understanding your product’s goal and making sure it comes across clearly to your clients in a unique way. That alone is a lot to accomplish! Conveying the value of your product involves serious market research into your client base. What kind of clients are you trying to bring in? How do you keep your existing client base? What can you offer your clients that only you can provide?

Next comes distinguishing your brand: studying the competition and doing things uniquely. If they’re doing something right, how can you do it better? You must understand that consumers are increasingly expecting more from businesses, so you must one-up the competition. Offer your clients extra: Is your product domestic, organic, fermented? Figure it out and make it your “thing.”


Your Packaging Function

Once you establish your audience and value proposition, it is time to move on to the how. How can your packaging reflect your product and what you have to offer? First, ensure that the packaging you have chosen is of the best material. Design is not just about what you see— i.e., how pretty the front design is. Good design is also functional and practical. A flimsy packaging material that is likely to fall apart will not do justice to even the best graphics.

Another critical consideration is the shape and form of your chosen packaging. Flexible packaging bags and pouches come in various styles, including the high-demand Stand-Up Pouch and Side Gusset Bag. These popular styles come in an array of sizes, colors, with or without windows and with customization options to meet your particular product and branding needs. Do not underestimate the importance of each of these details contribute to how the packaging feels. You want your audience to pick up your product off the shelf and feel confident and comfortable in what they are holding.


Your Packaging Design 

After you have determined the best material and construction details, you need an attractive packaging design. Your research into the competitors comes in handy here. They know, and you know, that color is a critical factor in catching the client’s attention. It’s not just about which colors to use, but which colors the competition isn’t using. In a sea of colors, maybe it’s best to pick a neutral color to stand out, or vice versa. This technique is the isolation effect, and it is a technique you could benefit from if used properly.

Remember the part about conveying the value of your product? That also comes into play when picking the font. You want the font you choose to match the message you are bringing across: classy, simple, luxurious, etc. The style of the iconography used should also complement your branding goals. One final but the imperative choice will be the printing method you select to make it all come to life. Will your packaging design benefit from the convenience of color sticker labels, or do you want the classic look of foil stamping, or is your business be ready to upgrade to digital or full-color printing? You can learn more about these print options here.

As a final point, do not be afraid of change. Your business is evolving, so too then must your packaging.

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