How Turmeric Can Boost Your Health

In healthcare, big pharmaceutical companies take the lead in treating different types of diseases and may even help to prevent them.

Some people consider it unsafe to use drugs as it because of the side-effects and dependency that may occur with constant use of it. Owing to these reasons, organic alternatives to treat diseases and prevent them from striking are starting to gain traction. Spices like turmeric have amazing health benefits, what are they? Let’s find out.

Increases the antioxidant capacity of the body

Oxidation causes several diseases that include heart-related problems and can protect you from infections and particular types of cancer. The antioxidant elements in turmeric also proved that it helps curb age-related macular degeneration.

The great part about turmeric antioxidants is that there are no serious side effects that have been detected, unlike other antioxidant supplements. If it does give you problems like stomach pain and skin problems, contact your doctor and discontinue using it. Using turmeric will help your cardiovascular health and physical health.

Improves brain function and health

Turmeric also decreases oxidation stress, which improves your mental health by preventing mental disorders. This spice protects our neurons from being damaged by free radicals that happen during oxidation.

Turmeric also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This spice has caused major mood and mental health improvement on people who consume it.

A study was conducted by Dr. Gary Small, from the University of California, where he tested curcumin, which is an ingredient of turmeric, on 40 adults between the ages of 51-84 years old. The results of this study showed that these study subjects

Lowers your risk of heart disease

Amongst the many health benefits of turmeric, this spice also helps prevent heart diseases that lead up to a heart attack or stroke. These conditions are mostly caused by clogged arteries that cripples blood circulation.

Turmeric solves these problems by unclogging arteries or by preventing this clogging from happening. A study in France that was conducted on 20 rats showed that turmeric is effective in preventing heart failure.

The study and the testimonials from different individuals from all around the globe prove that heart diseases can be treated by removing excess fat from the arteries using turmeric.

Prevents and (possibly) cures cancer

People who live in countries that consume more turmeric tend to have fewer chances of getting certain types of cancer. Some scientists have investigated how curcumin, a substance found in turmeric, kills cancer cells and prevents more from growing.

These cancer cell laboratory tests were conducted outside of the human body but the results of these findings have proved to be effective on human beings. The certain cancer types that can be prevented and possibly be cured are, but not limited to, breast cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer.

Ways to use turmeric: Here are a few methods of using turmeric to benefit from it:

Add to roasted vegetable dishes

Using turmeric as a spice in food is one of the most effective ways of using this spice and what is healthier than a dish of vegetables spiced with a healthy spice?

To make your vegetables interesting, you can roast your vegetables and spice it moderately with turmeric. This spice works with almost any dish so you can also put a little bit of it on the rice you will pair your vegetables with.

You will see the results as more as you use it, so don’t be afraid of using it as your favorite daily spice. You can get great flavors from using cauliflower, garlic and green beans, spicing these vegetables with turmeric and sea salt will give you a crisp flavor.

Mix into soap

To have the full benefits of it for your skin, you can mix it into soap using the following method. You can chop shea butter and melt it or use goat milk as a base for your soap. Add one teaspoon of turmeric or more if you want something deeper and then stir it up.

Put in some fragrance into your soap by using fragrance oils or essential oils, but make sure that your essential oils are skin safe. Be careful not to use candle fragrance oils because they are not skin-friendly.

Blend in a smoothie

There are quite delicious smoothies you can blend with turmeric that will benefit your physical and mental health. For example, the carrot ginger turmeric smoothie has benefits such as treating inflammation and smoother digestion.

The ingredients of this smoothie are a great mix because they bring in different health benefits and create a delicious taste. The ingredients of this smoothie besides turmeric are carrots, banana, lemon, and pineapple.

You can drink this smoothie after working out to refresh you and get that sweet, zingy taste. There are other interesting turmeric smoothies you can try out like the turmeric hemp smoothie, berry turmeric smoothie, and the anti-inflammatory.

Make some tea

Another way to consume turmeric is by making turmeric tea by grating turmeric root or using turmeric powder. You can make this tea by boiling water and letting it simmer for 10 minutes and then strain it into a container and let it cool for a few minutes.

To help absorb the tea in the body, you can use coconut oil and put some honey in it to sweeten it and add some microbial particles. This tea can help with your arthritis and it is a great anti-inflammatory and can help with diabetes and lung problems. If you don’t have the time to make your own tea, you can purchase it from various retailers.


These turmeric health benefits set forth are dependent on how your body will react to it. You may need to up your dose but if you experience side effects, you should consider discontinuing using it immediately.

You can also check in with your doctor to check if your health conditions and body is compatible with turmeric. Turmeric side effects aren’t that common but if they occur, you should not belittle them. There are several ways to make your turmeric consumption enjoyable and delicious and those methods don’t make turmeric less effective.

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