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Should We Be Eating Less Meat?

For many of us, eating meat is something we do without any thought or consideration. Eating breakfast, grabbing lunch on the go at work and coming home to throwing something together and sticking it in the oven, are all actions we do without really considering the amount of meat that is in those ingredients. Of course we tend to think about whether our food is healthy, we might choose the chicken salad at lunchtime rather than a wrap and we’ll more than likely add vegetables to our evening meals, but the amount of meat we consume tends to usually [...]


Exercising to Reduce Stress

We all suffer from stress occasionally, most days bring a few moments of stress such as being stuck in traffic and knowing you’re going to be late for work or getting behind on a project but it’s quite normal for these situations to present themselves and then pass. Of course sometimes stress can build up to the point where you struggle to cope and everything becomes too much. Sometimes our stress levels can peak without us really even noticing, but our bodies always find ways of letting us know when something isn’t quite right. Many people assume that stress [...]


How to Plan a Stay-cation

Sometimes we fancy a holiday, and sometimes we can’t have one because, well, we just can’t afford it. As depressing as it can feel when there’s holiday adverts everywhere, and your friends and family are talking about where they’re flying off to next month or next year, there are ways to give yourself a little vacation without denting your bank balance or taking out a small loan.  The stay-cation is the next best thing. No, you’re not actually going to be going anywhere, but you get the advantages of a holiday without having to pack, pay an expensive taxi to [...]


Milk Alternatives – Coffee’s New Best Friends

Milk alternatives are readily available in most coffee houses these days. We no longer have the bog standard choice of full fat or skimmed regular milk; in fact our coffee menus are ever increasing. For those of us who have allergies to lactose or choose to stay dairy free, this is great news! However, if you are new to the alternative milk scene, it can seem a little overwhelming. When you’re stood in the queue to order your coffee, you might be tempted to try a different kind of milk, but you don’t. It’s a risk. With so many [...]

Dreaming about 2018 holidays | PBFY Blog

2018 Holiday Destinations You Should be Visiting

As the excitement of Christmas comes to an end, our minds start to wander towards next year and the fact that there are still two long months of winter left to battle through before we start to see the warmth and sunshine of spring upon us. The best way to combat the winter blues? Start to plan next year’s summer holiday! The top destinations for the following year are even more exotic than the last, and with exotic comes fruity cocktails, white sand and incredible sunsets. If that’s not quite your scene then not to worry, because 2018 is bringing [...]


Three Delicious Coffee-based Recipes

If you’re a lover of coffee it will come as no surprise to you that not only is it one of the most popular beverages worldwide, but it is also an excellent cooking ingredient – I’m not just talking about desserts. Although coffee is an excellent accompaniment to sweets –  yes I’m looking at you Tiramisu – coffee also works extremely well in savory recipes too. If you’re used to taking your coffee in a mug and fancy trying something different, take a look at these coffee-based recipes and add a bit of a buzz to your kitchen!   Dark Chocolate [...]

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How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Performance at Work

If there’s one thing the last few years has taught us it is that we’re living in stressful times. More people than ever are suffering from anxiety or stress-related problems and are seeking help from family, friends and professional services to help deal with these issues.  Is mindfulness the answer? Many people who suffer from anxiety or stress are recommended by medical professionals to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a technique not too dissimilar from meditation, and focuses on slowing down the breathing and bringing oneself into the present moment. This technique enables people to empty their mind of worries, stresses [...]