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Finding Packaging Bags

Finding the Right Packaging Bags for your Product

So you finally decided to start selling your custom product but need to find out what is the best flexible packaging bags for it. Starting out you need to have the best bang for your buck, but also need something trendy, and eye-catching.  Selling your product can be quite a feat, having a great product is just one side of the equation. The second half is having the right packaging, which can make all the difference between your product staying on the shelf or you rushing to fulfill additional orders as your product is now the new crave. Find the [...]

Hot Foil Stamp Best Practices

Packaging Best Practices: Hot Stamp

What is hot stamp imprinting?  Hot stamp imprinting is the process that consists of using a hot stamp press and foils that imprints a design into a surface. It is used for logos or artwork on plastic or paper bags. Hot stamp imprinting is a very affordable solution for small businesses to market their products. What colors can I use?  Hot stamp imprinting can be done with metallic, matte metallic, and matte colors. Metallic colors give off the foil glossiness which has the best outcome regarding sharpness. They often are the most popular option when using a hot stamp. Matte metallic has a semi-glossy look that [...]

cafe de la olla

Mexican Coffee: Cafe de la Olla Recipe History & Dangers

3 minute read – 15 minute recipe Ingredients Needed: 4 cups of water 1.5 oz of Piloncillo or 2/4 of a cone 1 cinnamon stick 1 clove (optional) 1/2 cup of ground Mexican coffee Easy to follow directions: Step 1: Combine the water, cinnamon, piloncillo and clove (optional) in a pot set on high heat. Step 2: Bring to boil, while stirring, make sure that the piloncillo has completely diluted in the water. Turn the heat down to medium-low. Allow to simmer for 5 minutes. At this point you can carefully taste the broth for desired sweetness and may add more piloncillo if needed. Continue to heat until [...]

2019 tea trends different teas | PBFY

2019 Tea Trends to Remember

2019 Tea Trends – 3 minute read The tea industry has had both an eventful and uneventful year, depending on how you look at it. Various sellers say it’s been a slow year, thanks to developments such as declines in foot traffic. Others have a different version of events, especially those who’ve had major success selling new tea variations on popular online platforms. Now that 2019 is drawing to the beginning of its end, it’s important to look back at the trends that defined the tea industry during the year and see how they affected the general scheme of things. Below [...]

mazagran coffee beans and leaves | PBFY

Mazagran Coffee and 5 Others You Must Try

Mazagran Coffee and 5 drinks you need to try In today’s constantly frenetic and time-hungry environment, there’s no skipping coffee. It has become so entwined in people’s lives that some can’t get by without it, and others have it on their list of favorite beverages. Of course, coffee is a naturally tasty treat, so there’s a fair reason to keep asking for more lattes. Or maybe not. Forget the latte, the cappuccino, or the mocca. How about a coffee type you’ve never heard of before? There are many more coffee varieties being sipped around the world that most people – including coffee [...]

woman looking at frozen food packaging | BPFY

International Food Interest Drives Frozen Food Packaging Market

Frozen food packaging is seeing a major boost in sales and growth, thanks to the positively consecutive growth of the frozen food industry itself. Food industry experts, already crediting this positive growth to increased international interest in frozen food, are now forecasting an outstanding CAGR of 5.3% by 2023 for the frozen food packaging industry. Frozen Food Packaging Growth In a 2018 report by Allied Market Research on the frozen food packaging industry, the world’s food packaging industry was estimated to be worth $33m in 2016. By 2023 however, it is expected to be as valuable as $47m. This means that [...]

woman reading organic label product | PBFY

When Is Organic Food Really Organic?

Organic products have been experiencing a great sales period in the United States, starting from as far back as early 2018. While 2017 saw regular increments in sales from products branded with an ‘organic’ label, 2018 was an even bigger success story, drawing in more than $21 billion by November 2018, according to data analyst service Nielsen Homescan. That’s almost a 9% increase in sales from 2017. It all goes to show how important healthy eating has become among people today, and how it’s now more than just a passing fad. On a specific scale, some organic products stood out more than [...]