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custom coffee packaging makes your coffee sell for a higher price

The Precious Coffee Bean & How to Protect It

Learn how to select the right bag to extend the life and protect your coffee.   The coffee industry’s health depends on one primary consideration: coffee bean quality from beginning to end of the supply chain. Coffee roasters and retailers must follow processes started in the growing, picking, and processing stages. These [...]

An Ultimate Guide To Designing Product Packaging

An Ultimate Guide To Designing Product Packaging

Many business owners overlook the importance of product packaging. However, choosing the right package for a product is crucial because it’s one of the first interactions that consumers have with a brand. People are less likely to buy from a company with disorganized or disheveled wrapping. Any corporation that [...]

Packaging Design

How to Step Up Your Packaging Design Game

How to Step Up Your Packaging Design Game to help your product ‘make it big’. Having the best product on the market is essential, but so is effective and attractive packaging design. About Packaging Design Research conducted in an attempt to determine what attracts the customer’s eye while shopping revealed that, [...]

The Different Types of Food Packaging

The Different Types of Food Packaging

In business, trust is everything. This sentiment is especially true when discussing the food packaging industry. People want to go to the grocery store and pull items off the shelves without a second thought. If companies use trusted packing partners, this is an attainable goal. However, the minute a [...]

The Next Big Thing in Flexible Packaging

Recent research has concluded that flexible packaging will see a growth of just under 4% per year over the next four years. With so many features, such as spouted pouches, and an increasing growth rate, what’s next for flexible packaging? New Technologies The Stand-Up Pouch is a great product, but like everything, [...]