Poll – 8 Popular Websites to Sell Your Product or Service Online

There’s no denying that the way we market and sell products has changed. Gone are the days when you had to set up a storefront and advertise in the newspaper, on radio or television to bring in customers. The door-to-door salesman is relic of the past. While many businesses still operate in traditional ways, others choose to use alternative methods, current technology and an innovative out-of-the-box approach to selling their products. The rise of online businesses has been meteoric in the past decade. The shopping habits of Americans has decidedly shifted from big box and department stores to online shopping. An estimated 84 Billion Dollars (yes I said Billion) is spent in the U.S. on e-commerce sites. That’s up from 2 Billion in 2006 according to the U.S. Department of Commerce.That is good news if you’re looking to sell your products online. Here are 8 websites where you can do just that. 1. Category: Clothes, Home Decor and Accessories – Website: Etsy.com Setting up an Etsy store can be the answer to selling your designs online. It’s reasonably uncomplicated to set up your Etsy store, and very easy to promote. Etsy even provides a Seller’s Handbook to get you pointed in the right direction. There’s a community of sellers here that you can definitely learn from and great sales potential too. keyboard-881312_6402. Category: Just about anything – Website: Amazon.com No matter what you produce, you can more than likely list it on Amazon.com From apps to books to groceries and gourmet food, Amazon will sell it. Amazon is the big time, so before you go there, make sure you are ready and able to meet production demands when the orders come rolling in. 3. Category: Just about anything – Website: eBay.com eBay can be a great resource to sell just about anything you might produce. They offer an introductory fee-free sale, then you set up and are subject to the merchant and processing fees. eBay is user-friendly and very popular with buyers. Ebay can be a real money-maker with the right kind of promotion. 4. Category: Products or Local Services – Website: Craigslist.org While CL is mostly seen as a sort of online classified ad site, there is also potential there for promotion of other products and services. You can place a CL ad to drive traffic to your website where your goods and services are listed, or post an ad with a link to your order form or a phone number to order by phone. While not a sales site, per se, Craigslist can certainly help you sell. e-commerce-402822_6405. Category: Just about anything – Website: Facebook.com Not only can you connect to literally thousands of sales groups, swap boards, and collectors of everything, you can also sell via a Facebook Store. You can leverage the power of social networking to sell, trade or buy just about anything you can imagine. It’s not surprising that Facebook is listed as one of the top ten places to sell online in a recent poll by LifeHacker.com 6. Category: Products or Services – Website: Bonanza.Com From art to toys, to everything in between, Bonanza.com has it. You can list your goods or services. Open a webstore and import from eBay or Etsy with ease. Bonanza.com makes it easy for you to market and sell. It’s free to list and listings never expire. They also offer free distribution of your posts to Bing and Google. This site is quickly becoming a favored alternative to eBay. 7. Category: Handmade, Vintage or Collectibles – Website: RubyLane.com Ruby Lane has over a million unique visitors daily and is currently one of the top-growth sites in alternative marketplaces. Many online retailers prefer Ruby Lane because the fees are low and it’s easy to sell there. Items that are specialized sell the best here. Steer clear of generics that can be found on eBay or anywhere else. The handmade collectible finds buyers readily here. 8. Category: Just about anything- Website: Blujay.com From crafts to vehicles, e-commerce site Blujay is becoming the popular place to buy and sell. Sellers love it because it’s 100% free to list your items, and buyers enjoy the discounted pricing. You can find , buy or sell anything from hand-crafted soaps to textbooks. This is a versatile site that is an up and coming game-changer in the e-commerce marketplace. [total-poll id=8312]

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