The Benefits of Paper Bag Packaging

tin tie bagsWhile we may be accustomed to seeing every bit of our food wrapped in air-tight plastic wrap, food and coffee shouldn’t be limited to only plastic. Since they were developed in 1852, paper bags continue to be a popular bagging item, despite the competition from plastic bags. While you may not be able to find them in as many stores as you once could, paper bags continue to be a popular choice for shopping and food items due to the increased durability and their eco-friendly disposition. Paper bags have come a long way since their humble beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century, with manufacturers developing paper bags that are more resilient and durable. Their box-shaped design also allows them to stand upright and hold more goods at once. When compared with plastic bags, they are also much safer. For example, a child is not likely to suffocate from accidently putting a paper bag over their head, as they are with plastic bags. Paper bags have become something of a fashion and status symbol in today’s market, due to the amount of time and effort that brands spend designing an attractive paper bag for their wares. With attractive paper bags that advertise the company’s brand, customers are providing a form of free advertising and endorsement. Paper bags also offer many eco-friendly benefits to those who use them. They can be taken care of and continually reused. They are both recyclable and biodegradable. Paper bags are made from a renewable natural resource, can be reused repeatedly and can be shipped to a paper mill and remade into new paper. In fact, it actually requires less energy for paper bags to be recycled than it does for plastic. Paper bags are also biodegradable and pose less of a threat to the environment and wildlife. By choosing high quality paper bags for your coffee, tea, snacks, nuts, cookies, candy and spices, you are adding a professional appeal that consumers love and appreciate. Not to mention, you can add your own custom brand to any paper bag to promote your business. With professional quality and aesthetic appeal, you are sure to impress and delight your customers. Coffee Paper bags make a great container for freshly ground coffee for a variety of reasons. If your establishment provides delicious, fresh coffee grounds or beans, our specially designed tin tie paper bags are the perfect solution for creating a custom-branded paper bag for your products. You can choose whether or not you wish for your coffee paper bag to have a window, or a glassine or polypropylene liner to ensure freshness. Now, your customers can take home your signature coffee blends in your own custom paper coffee bags. In addition to their sealing liners, these paper bags also feature tin tie closure to make closing and sealing them a breeze. Tea Leaves Our tin tie paper bags are great for keeping fresh tea leaves fresh. For those who are fresh tea enthusiasts, keeping the tea leaves fresh and crisp without losing any of their potency is of the utmost importance. Not only are these paper bags designed to keep your products fresh, but they come in a variety of sizes and can easily be customized to portray your brand name. For the environmentally conscious tea enthusiasts, we also offer an eco-friendly option for your tea bagging needs. Our eco-friendly bags are made from 100% recycled paper and feature a biodegradable polylactic (PLA) lining that is easily recycled and does not pose a threat to the environment. Snack Foods & Nuts We offer an extensive range of paper bag sizes for virtually any use, including snack foods and nuts. Now, you can comfortably offer customers the option of taking home some of your specialty snacks and nuts in a custom-branded paper bag, without the worry that they will lose their flavor or freshness. Snacks and nuts are notorious for losing their fresh appeal and occasionally even taking on the flavor of their packaging, with our specially lined paper bags your wares will retain their flavor. You can also choose paper snack bags that feature a small window to allow your treats to be seen without being opened. paper-bag-PBY16.1-KRAFT-mCookies & Candy Your special treats deserved to be treated special, by being packaged in a paper cookie and candy bag that will lock in their fresh flavor and aromas. Our paper cookie and candy bags are a great solution for enabling your customers to have a reusable and re-closable bag that features paper-enclosed metal tabs for closing and re-sealing. In addition to the inside liners, the tin tie tops lock out air and keep your goodies protected from the outside elements. They are the perfect solution for peddling your fresh candy and cookie wares, or even just sending some homemade treats to your family and friends. Spices Some of the best uses that have been found for these high quality paper bags is for sugar, salt, flour and spices. These food items are notorious for requiring well-sealed containers that can lock in freshness and lock out pests. Spices are an especially volatile when it comes to retaining their flavorful characteristics. Improper packaging can cause spices to lose their intensity and flavor, or worse, to take on the flavor of their container. With paper spice bags that are specially designed to seal and protect your goods, you can store your spice items in confidence. Whether you are selling your own professional-grade fresh spices or simply looking for a better way to reorganize your kitchen, our paper spice bags are the right choice. If you are looking for an eco-friendly and efficient packaging for your coffee, tea or other edible product that will lend to its overall value and customer appeal, choose paper bags with special properties that will seal in freshness and lend to the aesthetic look of your brand. When your product is properly packaged, you have increased the quality of your product, which will help market and promote your brand to the targeted market.

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