Window Packaging is an Effective Way to Influence Buying Behavior

Window Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Window stand up packaging is an effective way to influence buying behavior.
Research estimates that 80 to 85% of our perception and decision making is mediated through vision. This is valuable knowledge for businesses looking to increase product sales. Choose food product packaging that allows consumers to see your delicious product right from the store shelf.


What We See Informs Our Purchase Decision

Windowed food packaging with windows gives consumers a peek at your tasty product. Window Stand Up Pouches are the top style!

Food safe Stand Up Pouches with Windows are suitable for many applications, such as:

  • Grains and cereals
  • Bakery products
  • Dry meats
  • Dry fruits
  • Dehydrated vegetables
  • Pet treats
  • Deli products
  • Snacks
  • Beef Jerky
  • Nuts

Window Stand up Pouch Gif

Look At The Variety!

At PBFY, we stock window pouches in:

  • Four substrate finishes and barrier protection levels
  • Two window styles
  • Various sizes and colorsStock Window Stand Up Pouch Styles
  • Matte Finish, Metallized – Rectangle Window
  • Gloss Finish, Poly – Oval Window
  • Kraft Finish, Poly – Oval Window
  • Rice Paper Finish, Rice Paper – Rectangle Window

Our window pouches are made from FDA-approved materials offering protection against moisture, odor, and oxygen. If your product can withstand the effects of light while maintaining your desired shelf-life, then these window bags are a great option!

Click Here to see a complete listing of colors and sizes available in stock now!


Custom Printed Packaging Options

The better you look, the more you stand out, the more customers will remember you!

Low, 1-Case Minimum Hot Stamp Printing
You can customize as little as one case of our flexible packaging bags and pouches using our superior Hot Stamping service.

Superior Custom Full Color Printing
If your business is ready for full-color customization, you can upgrade for as little as 5,000 pieces.

Going from plain stock to custom-designed packaging is a big step! Please don’t do it alone.

Take advantage of our team of packaging experts who can help ensure you get the right bag for the best price!

Contact Us with your project details, and let’s customize your packaging!


Love at first sight!

Gathering inspiration is an excellent way to start your vision. Here are examples of window flexible packaging that has won consumers’ hearts, resulting in a product sales increase!

Stock and custom window stand up pouches
Plain stock or custom printed pouches, all of our window products follow the same quality standards.

Are you ready to trust your product to our window stand-up pouches? If so, then visit our online store and shop stand up windowed pouches today!

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