Bulk and Wholesale Candy Packaging

Looking for Bulk / Wholesale Candy Packaging?

When you have a business and are producing at a larger volume you will want to start thinking about purchasing resources in larger quantities.  PBFY offers bulk candy packaging to everyone via our website. Our products are sold by the cases which bring more per item discount to our customers.  Our cases can vary in the number of individual items, some carry 1000, while others carry 500.  Our flexible candy packaging options will give you not only the best value for your money but also the best quality packaging.

Trusted by thousands of companies:  PBFY has been the leader in packaging and is very well known in the flexible packaging industry. We offer a quality in our products that is hard to rival.  Being an established company in allows us to deliver the experience in our products and offer you the best packaging for your dollar.

Purchase by the case

As mentioned, we sell our candy packaging by the case. Often times the product packaged by the case is determined by the size and any available options. . You can see this on our individual pages. Right, after you make the selection, our system will show you the exact number of items per case, located right below the purchase price.  If you ever come across a question about any amount that you are ordering please feel free to call our toll-free number 1-877-224-7496 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer your questions.

No membership needed

Unlike many wholesale stores, when shopping online on PBFY.com you will never need a membership or reseller license to rake in the bulk savings.  Browse through our entire product catalog as we offer great bulk pricing, wonderful quality, and knowledgeable customer service.

We offer everything you need for your candy packaging, different style bags that range in size, color, and price.

Stand up Bags & Pouches

Block Bottom Bags

8 oz Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bags

8 oz Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bag – Gold


8 oz Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bags

8 oz Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bag – Kraft


8 oz Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bags

8 oz Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bag – Matte Black