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Black Plastic Bag

Black Plastic May Boost Renewable Energy

There’s new research on plastic that is promising a revolution for both plastic waste management and electricity transmission. Researchers from Swansea University in the UK have recently discovered a new way to recycle a specific type of plastic – black plastic – such that it can generate electricity. The research process involved breaking the black plastic down into its constituent components (carbon, hydrogen) and then reusing individual components to generate electricity. Per their small model, the final findings indicated that the process was possible and the experiment was a success. Research has since been made public through The Journal for Carbon [...]

robotics and food packaging | PBFY

Robotics Revolutionizing Food Manufacturing

Robotics and food manufacturing – 3 minute read Robots are now commonplace in almost every industry, and as always, they continue to surprise and revolutionize what we know as work. Even with constant worry among humans that robots are coming to steal jobs and cause massive unemployment, there’s still no doubt that robots make work happen faster and that they are way better than humans. Of the many industries robots are making a statement in, food manufacturing is a standout. On the surface, food manufacturing doesn’t seem to need robots – it’s a personal process. But it does, especially on a [...]


Nepali Tea Rises from the Shadows of Darjeeling

Nepali Tea Rises – 3 minute read Tea is one of the most common beverages in the world, in fact, it is the second most-consumed drink globally. However, a lot goes on in the tea industry that we don’t know about that revolutionizes this industry. These developments have happened gradually over the years and because of them, some ingredients were replaced by others. A perfect example of this is the Nepali tea which rose from the demise of Darjeeling tea. How did this evolution happen? Here is the history of the demise of Darjeeling tea and the rise of Nepali tea. Darjeeling Tea [...]


Climate Change Threatens Coffee Market

In addition to rising sea levels and higher temperatures, global warming also has some less visible effects on the world. While we focus mainly on how climate change affects us, we forget that a myriad of plant species around the world depend on stable climates. One such plant is coffee and unfortunately – the situation is less than ideal. Climate change is the latest factor that’s threatening our beloved morning drink. How bad is the current state of the coffee market? Who is suffering the most? Let’s take a closer look at the entire problem. Devastating damage to the coffee market Due to [...]


Red Wine, White Wine, and … Orange Wine?

For the traditional wine connoisseur, there is typically only a choice between red and white wine. However, there is a new kid on the block. Orange wine is blasting onto the scene and making the pallets tingle for a taste of something new. The wine world is complex and adding a new variety makes things even more interesting. However, if you think that orange wine is made from the fruit, you are way off. Neither is it a Mimosa cocktail with a twist. Rather, orange wine has more to do with the winemaking process than the fruit. So how is it [...]

frozen treats ice cream flavors | PBFY

Frozen Treats Becoming Increasingly Creative

There are few things as satisfying as creative frozen treats after a Sunday lunch or a romantic dinner date. It is the proverbial cherry on top of the meal and the experience. However, these creative frozen treats have come a long way during the last couple of years, and we are being spoiled for choice. Back in the day, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with some chocolate or caramel sauce was enough to satisfy anyone. Vanilla is not the top dog anymore. Today, when you walk into a grocery store, you are bombarded with a variety of ice cream [...]


Does Coffee Give You Math Superpowers?

We have all seen those adverts where the alarm goes off in the morning, not wanting to get out of bed. Eventually, the person trudges down the stairs only to be woken by a freshly brewed cup of coffee. As the person grips the coffee and smells the fresh aroma, a smile develops, and an almost immediate change of expression is noticeable. It sounds ideal and the commercial companies probably just wanted to entice you to buy the coffee, but recent research has revealed that there might be more truth to the adverts than only a means to lure [...]