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When Is Organic Food Really Organic?

Organic products have been experiencing a great sales period in the United States, starting from as far back as early 2018. While 2017 saw regular increments in sales from products branded with an ‘organic’ label, 2018 was an even bigger success story, drawing in more than $21 billion by November 2018, according to data analyst service Nielsen Homescan. That’s almost a 9% increase in sales from 2017. It all goes to show how important healthy eating has become among people today, and how it’s now more than just a passing fad. On a specific scale, some organic products stood out more than [...]


Caffeine for Teens: Good or Bad?

Caffeine is always termed the most consumed psychoactive substance in the world, and its negative effects have always received their fair share of coverage. But in this time-hungry world, caffeine remains an unavoidable compulsion, previously among adults only and now among teenagers too, according to new trends. And it’s been going on for a while. As long ago as 2003, a revealing study on caffeine use among American teenagers published in the journal Pediatrics found that over half of American teenagers consumed about 52.7mg/day of caffeine from everyday soft drinks such as soda. It also found that a smaller percentage of teenagers [...]

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Taipei Coffee Is Taiwan’s Next Big Thing

On an average weekday morning in Taipei, a swing by the city’s small but cozy cafes reveals a certain detail about the bubbly’s city’s life that almost everyone misses. The cafes are full and vibrant, alright, but most people aren’t ordering what you’d expect – tea. Instead, they’re showing a preference for another great beverage – coffee. A decade ago, this scene would shock a Taipei native. A decade ago, things were still normal and tea was almost everyone’s beverage of choice. But judging by the number of new coffee shops opening up on city corners and in convenience stores, [...]

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Specialty Food Growth Fueled by Millennials

Specialty food in the United States has been seeing a growth spurt in sales for some time now, and experts are crediting millennials with the uptick. For 2018, data published in the 2019-2020 edition of The State of the Specialty Food Industry showed that sales from specialty foods and beverages had increased to about $148.7 billion in 2018 alone. The sales figure translated to an increase of 9.8% from 2016. Specialty foods aren’t your everyday foods; they’re unique and high-quality food items produced in small quantities for value and with possibly rare, high-quality ingredients.  Specialty foods have been popular since before [...]

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Plant-Based Food Posting Double-Digit Growth

Plant-based food is derived from only or primarily plant material. It can be in the original plant form, such as vegetables or whole grains, or be processed, such as plant-based milk, plant-based meat, plant-based eggs. This also means that a plant-based diet is not necessarily a vegan diet. Plant-based food companies are already popular among American consumers today. Favorites such as market leaders Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, plus niche offerings such as Hain Celestial, VeggieLand, Nature’s Soy and Amy’ s Kitchen produce some of the world’s most popular plant-based foods. Incredible Growth for Plant-Based Food Until recently, the plant-based food market [...]

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Preserving Food Texture from Production to Consumption

Food Texture and Packaging – 3 minute read When describing food, customers have always used color, size, and taste as the central defining attributes. In conversation, a food item can be characterized as sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, firm, tender, or as colorful. One primary physical attribute almost always gets ignored, even though it is the best possible way to define how a food item feels in the mouth. That attribute is texture. Importance of Food Texture for The Consumer’s Experience Texture in food, much like texture in clothing, is determined by how an item feels on touch (this time in the mouth), hence [...]

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The Truth Behind the Ugly Produce Movement

In the US alone, about $218 billion is spent on food that never reaches consumers and is never eaten by anyone. The food waste crisis is severe, with about 30 – 40% of the food supply going to waste every year, according to the USDA. That translates to 63 million tons of food waste every year. This amount of waste has some dire impacts on climate, resource conservation, and also – food security. Food that would otherwise have been used to feed hungry families is sent off to landfills, where it breaks down to methane, contributing to climate change. Further, [...]