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The Importance of Sourcing Locally

There’s a great advantage to sourcing locally for any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or company, especially in the United States today. But it remains an overshadowed alternative against international sourcing, the industry’s sure and trusted route for past decades.  Many OEMs maintain international supply chains for valid reasons, such as cheaper labor, unique craftsmanship, cheaper raw materials and more.  A reckoning is starting to take shape, as issues such as lower quality of products and increased reports of child labor in foreign supply favorites like China and India continue to surface. More and more OEMs are starting to consider sourcing their [...]

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Food Packaging Machinery Growth Expected to be Above CAGR 6%

Food Packaging Machinery Forecasted Growth – 4 minute read The food processing sector has evolved over the years, prioritizing innovation and new ideas on how this sector can effectively grow and impact the entire population. The hype for improvised food packaging and handling systems has been around for quite a while, and many different types of new machinery have been tried and tested. The benefits of the development of this new machinery will show positive growth that is over 6% the Compound Annual Growth Rate. What is the cause behind this growth? Which companies have caused this growth? Historical Growth. The historical growth [...]

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Co-opetition Through the Asian Tea Alliance

Asian Tea Alliance – Finding a way to work together Competition in business is fierce, as is the competition between large corporations as they strive to make more substantial profits is too. To make the competition more controllable, a number of countries and states have formed competition bureaus or commissions. These entities aim to balance out the competition in terms of pricing, production costs, etc. As it stands, old business models may run out of time in a new business world that is racing towards a concept called co-opetition. What is co-opetition? Meaning of co-opetition Co-opetition, a term used for cooperative competition, can [...]

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Artificial Intelligence Innovates the Food Industry

Artificial Intelligence & Food Industry – 4 minute read Artificial intelligence has caused innovations in the food industry, with much more expected. Artificial Intelligence is where computers perform tasks that usually require human knowledge. These tasks include decision-making, visual perception, speech recognition, language translation, and much more. The food industry, usually a little slow on the uptake of new technology, is well on its way to making AI integral to business as usual. Opportunities to implement AI in the food industry Food sorting Sorting through fresh produce is hugely time-consuming and labor-intensive. Potatoes are typically classified by size so that the manufacturer knows [...]


Coffee Industry Leaders Push for Coffee Transparency with “The Pledge”

The coffee industry is all about harsh realities and pretty pictures. Coffee roasters and shops around the globe rely on coffee farmers to produce the beans that coffee lovers thrive on. However, producers often reap minimal profits from everything that gets generated along the coffee industry’s value chain. More and more leaders in the coffee industry recognize that one of the best ways to ensure the production of superior coffee products is to increase sustainability. Ultimately, this must begin with allowing the producers to earn higher income for what they do. Unless they earn good money, these producers end up [...]


Food Retailer Trends You Can Leverage to Increase Sales

For the food retail industry, innovation is now an unavoidable aspect of a business, especially since the mass closure of thousands of physical stores all through 2017 and 2018. Consumers are also demanding more efficiency and convenience from food retailers, especially for on-demand food retail. The latter is such a big deal now that most food retailer trends for 2019 are aimed at major innovations. For those in the business, the food retailer trends for 2019 present a number of opportunities, including boosting sales for your business.  Below we show you four major food retailer trends for 2019 you can leverage [...]


What Snacks Are Trending?

The food industry as a whole is expecting a whole slate of new consumer trends to take over in 2019, guided by changing consumer preferences. The snacks industry, in particular, is expecting major changes in trends that are likely to have a sizable impact on 2019’s snacks, including their packaging decisions, nutrient ratios and more. Experts say that these trends are as a result of customers being more demanding now of brands to disclose their snack-making processes, right from sourcing to manufacturing. Many customers are also keener on healthy snack brands these days as diets and healthy eating grow more [...]