Cat Food Packaging

Cats have specific nutritional needs that often include protein-rich foods with high fat content. These specially formulated products require substantial protection from air, humidity, sunlight, and moisture. Cat food and cat treat packaging that doesn’t account for these factors may diminish the product’s quality and nutritional value. Poor packaging can speed up the expiration rate, at which point the vitamins are destroyed and bacteria can develop. Essential fats can also oxidize and become rancid, and no cat wants to eat that.

Our high-quality cat treat packaging bags and pouches provide an exceptional protective barrier for your cat food and cat treat products. The packaging is puncture-proof and creates an airtight environment, so its contents remain fresh and retain their nutritional value. At PBFY, we’re happy to help you design the right cat food packaging to preserve freshness and keep cats and their owners happy.


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Stand Up Pouches for Cat Food Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Cat Food Packaging

Flat Pouches for Cat Food Packaging