At PBFY, we offer a quality co-packing program for your craft or national brand coffee. Our team of experts will grind and package your coffee according to the exact specifications to ensure long-lasting freshness and premium brewing in single serve coffee brewers. Our packaging features high oxygen barriers to protect your coffee and preserve it for maximum flavor retention in its shelf life. PBFY stands behind the quality of our single serve cup co-packing program, and we promise to maintain the quality of your coffee and help your brand stand out with premium printed packaging.

Private Label Single Serve Cup Co-Packaging

It all starts with your coffee. The quality of your coffee will be preserved when you trust us to co-pack your roasted coffee. We will properly prepare your coffee to be consistently flavorful using our modern equipment and unmatched facility. Pair our coffee cup co-packing with our superior custom printing services to promote and endorse your brand, and guarantee success for your company. You can count on PBFY to deliver personal, customized service to bring your coffee into the single serve coffee cup market.

Not a Coffee Roaster? No Problem.

You don’t need your own roasted coffee to take advantage of the opportunity to promote your brand with custom private label single serve coffee cups. Our wholesale, private label service allows your customers to be treated to coffee while you promote your business brand.

How Do I Get Started?

Ready to get started? Fill out the form below or call us and we’ll help you take care of the details–cups, filters, lids, boxes, etc.. We’ll work with you to give you exactly what you want for your company.