Custom Digital Color Bags and Pouches

Production Time = 8-10 Weeks

Print Style = Full Custom

Custom Print Bags are the best packaging solution if your company has a large amount of retail product to move or you have a complex package design.

Packaging directly affects your sales. 72% of customers say that packing design influences their purchasing decisions and that 39% of people have shared a picture or video of a product on social media. Your food packaging doesn’t just serve the functionality of keeping your food fresh, it also needs to be considered from the viewpoint of marketing and sales. With so much of your customers’ purchase decision based on your packaging, it’s imperative to put your best foot forward with custom printed bags.

Branding is an imperative part of your business, and how you compete with our food retailers. It lets your customers know know exactly what they’re getting before they even open the package.

Custom printed bags can be fully printed from edge to edge with a single or multi-color process. This high-definition custom printing process produces excellent quality results that will make your product eye-catching and unmistakable on store shelves. Your product can be the star of the coffee, tea, or pet food aisle and far outshine brown bags with one color printing on the label. No matter what your product is, the appeal of these custom printed bags is undeniable.

PBFY Custom Printed Bags can be mass-produced with your brand’s signature look that will make your product instantly identifiable by potential customers. This process normally takes 8-10 weeks to print. Larger wholesale orders may take longer.

Using PBFY Custom Printed Bags gives your product brand recognition and are fully customizable with window placement, custom sizes, shapes and more. Increase your product’s sales, improve your brand and boost your image by using PBFY Custom Printed Bags for your packaging solution.

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