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Specialty Food Growth Fueled by Millennials

Specialty food in the United States has been seeing a growth spurt in sales for some time now, and experts are crediting millennials with the uptick. For 2018, data published in the 2019-2020 edition of The State of the Specialty Food Industry showed that sales from specialty foods and beverages had increased to about $148.7 billion in 2018 alone. The sales figure translated to an increase of 9.8% from 2016. Specialty foods aren’t your everyday foods; they’re unique and high-quality food items produced in small quantities for value and with possibly rare, high-quality ingredients.  Specialty foods have been popular since before [...]

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Black Plastic May Boost Renewable Energy

There’s new research on plastic that is promising a revolution for both plastic waste management and electricity transmission. Researchers from Swansea University in the UK have recently discovered a new way to recycle a specific type of plastic – black plastic – such that it can generate electricity. The research process involved breaking the black plastic down into its constituent components (carbon, hydrogen) and then reusing individual components to generate electricity. Per their small model, the final findings indicated that the process was possible and the experiment was a success. Research has since been made public through The Journal for Carbon [...]

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Plant-Based Food Posting Double-Digit Growth

Plant-based food is derived from only or primarily plant material. It can be in the original plant form, such as vegetables or whole grains, or be processed, such as plant-based milk, plant-based meat, plant-based eggs. This also means that a plant-based diet is not necessarily a vegan diet. Plant-based food companies are already popular among American consumers today. Favorites such as market leaders Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, plus niche offerings such as Hain Celestial, VeggieLand, Nature’s Soy and Amy’ s Kitchen produce some of the world’s most popular plant-based foods. Incredible Growth for Plant-Based Food Until recently, the plant-based food market [...]

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The UK Salt Reduction Initiative Backfires

Salt reduction news – 3 minute read  In 2011, and in a bid to control the high salt and sugar content in food, the government of the United Kingdom made a voluntary pact with the country’s food industry that allowed the latter to privately solve the situation. It was termed the Public Health Responsibility Deal and required actors within the food industry to voluntarily make public pledges that they would lower the salt and sugar content in their food products. Seven years later, a new paper has found that unlike the initial goal, dietary salt intake all over the UK has increased [...]

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The Importance of Sourcing Locally

There’s a great advantage to sourcing locally for any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or company, especially in the United States today. But it remains an overshadowed alternative against international sourcing, the industry’s sure and trusted route for past decades.  Many OEMs maintain international supply chains for valid reasons, such as cheaper labor, unique craftsmanship, cheaper raw materials and more.  A reckoning is starting to take shape, as issues such as lower quality of products and increased reports of child labor in foreign supply favorites like China and India continue to surface. More and more OEMs are starting to consider sourcing their [...]

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Robotics Revolutionizing Food Manufacturing

Robotics and food manufacturing – 3 minute read Robots are now commonplace in almost every industry, and as always, they continue to surprise and revolutionize what we know as work. Even with constant worry among humans that robots are coming to steal jobs and cause massive unemployment, there’s still no doubt that robots make work happen faster and that they are way better than humans. Of the many industries robots are making a statement in, food manufacturing is a standout. On the surface, food manufacturing doesn’t seem to need robots – it’s a personal process. But it does, especially on a [...]

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Preserving Food Texture from Production to Consumption

Food Texture and Packaging – 3 minute read When describing food, customers have always used color, size, and taste as the central defining attributes. In conversation, a food item can be characterized as sweet, bitter, sour, spicy, firm, tender, or as colorful. One primary physical attribute almost always gets ignored, even though it is the best possible way to define how a food item feels in the mouth. That attribute is texture. Importance of Food Texture for The Consumer’s Experience Texture in food, much like texture in clothing, is determined by how an item feels on touch (this time in the mouth), hence [...]