Resealable Tape


Resealable tape is a necessity for packaging any bags or pouches. Rather than dealing with the hassle of clips and ties, resealable tape saves the buyer time and energy. Our resealable tape can be used multiple times over and over again and will be able to keep the contents of the package fresh and the consumers happy. Resealable tape is perfect for temporarily closing and opening packages for items such as coffee bags. Resealable tape allows your customer to have a peace of mind knowing that their purchase has the ability to remain fresh over time.

  • Resealable Tape

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    Consumers love resealable packaging. It takes away the muss and the fuss that they have to deal with when attempting to clip, staple or tape their bags back closed. This resealable tape can be used over and over again and will keep your product fresher longer as well as your customers happy longer. Now you can temporarily close your coffee bag for later use! Resealable tape is a great way to market your coffee bag product. This will allow your customers to roll down the bag after each use and close the bag, keeping coffee and other foods fresher longer.


    • Tape Strip Size: 3.5″ x 1″
    • 1,000 stickers/closures per roll
    • Tapes feature rounded corners


    If you are interested in custom printing your logo or company name on our resealable tape, please contact us.