Give your customers the convenience of Single Serve Cups.

Make your brand memorable with our fully custom single serve coffee cups and boxes. Customize your own private label single serve coffee cups with custom printed lids and 12-count boxes.

custom printed K cups with custom boxes printed
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Did you know that over 40% of coffee consumers in the United States own a single-cup coffee brewing system? And that single-cup coffee yearly retail sales is over 3.9 Billion?* This is a market that you cannot afford to leave untapped.

Since the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19, more companies are embracing work-from-home arrangements. Workers around the globe are now drinking their morning coffee at home instead of in the office. This has produced a lucrative opportunity for the single-serve coffee market, with a projected CAGR of 3.1% into 2025**.

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Your Design. Your Coffee. Delivered Sustainably.

Reduce your carbon footprint with carbon-neutral coffee cups and boxes. Choose between our recyclable Eco-Cups or our compostable Compost Cups. Our Eco Cups are made from recyclable material, allowing your customers to dispose of them in a responsible, environmentally friendly way. Our Compost Cups allow you to toss both your used coffee cup and coffee directly into your garden or compost bin with other organic materials. Our sustainable boxes are fully recyclable.

Take your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other beverage business to the next level while being environmentally conscientious.

Economic & Environmentally Conscious Single Serve Cups

K-cup custom coffee pods for single serve



Our environmentally friendly Eco-Cups are 100% recyclable and BPA-Free. These cups include an advanced filtration material designed to increase extraction and promote directional brewing flow. Or if you are brewing hot chocolate, cappuccinos, or lattes, these cups are available as a solid cup without a filter.

Case Pack: 2,400 pieces

MOQ: 1 case


PBFY is proud to offer you other green business solutions

If you’re interested in other ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint while offering your customers sustainable packaging, please check our our compostable coffee bags.