single serve coffee cups

Stock recyclable single serve coffee cups and boxes! If you ever wanted to start your own single serve coffee packaging, now is the time. PBFY has knowledgeable representatives and products that will get you started. There are many advantages for packaging your coffee in single cups such as expanding your product’s marketability. Reaching out to all the coffee afficionados that prefer single cup brewing will expand your coffee’s reach and marketability.

Minimize your carbon footprint as our coffee cups and boxes are fully recyclable. Our single serve coffee cups are made from recyclable material, allowing your customers to dispose of them in a responsible, environmentally friendly way. It requires a simple process of emptying out the coffee from the cup, giving a light rinse. Please be sure to check with your local recycling plant for more information.

Our sustainable single serve coffee boxes are fully recyclable, they are made of lightweight carton material which can be easily recycled. They hold 12 standard size coffee cups and are available in various colors.

Take your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other beverage business to the next level while being environmentally conscientious. Take your brand even further by exploring our line of fully custom single serve coffee cups and boxes. 

Shop our inventory of recyclable single serve coffee cups and boxes. 

Single Serve Coffee Cups & Boxes

Aluminum Pre-Cut Cup Lids


Single Serve Coffee Cups & Boxes

Recyclable 12 Pack Coffee Cup Boxes


Single Serve Coffee Cups & Boxes

Recyclable Single Serve Coffee Pods


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