Our Flexible Packaging Services

hang hole application

Valve Application

One-way degassing valves release pressure from within the bag while preventing air from getting in. This game-changing innovation allows for enhanced product freshness and is particularly useful in coffee applications.

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Label Application

Label Application

Our high-speed label equipment applies labels on your bag or pouch quickly and evenly, saving you time and money. Sticker labels are a cost-efficient option for products required to display nutritional information.

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tin ties

Tin Tie Application

Tin Ties are a popular accessory used to close bags tightly after each use. Properly sealing and re-sealing is essential in keeping your coffee products, or any other food product, from becoming stale due to oxygen exposure.

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Hang Hole Application

Hang holes allow you to hang your bags and pouches on the wall and display hooks instead of placing them on shelves. Merchandising versatility can be vital to a product’s success.

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co packing program k cups

Single Serve Coffee Co-Packaging Program

Our co-packing program allows your coffee’s flavor to be preserved as it is expertly packed, ensuring consistency, in our modern facility.

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Product Packaging Service

Impactful product packaging will make a product stand out from the competition on store shelves. At PBFY, we make it our mission to work with you to accomplish this. A combination of professional printing with convenient, user-friendly product design is the quickest way to achieve this goal. Our custom design services comprise a team of packaging experts who will help you determine the perfect product styles, applications, and packaging design to position your business for success!

We have the experience you can trust across several different food and non-food industries. If you don’t know which flexible packaging service is right for your product, let us know, and we can recommend the best choice.

Our flexible packaging services will optimize our packaging bags and pouches to suit your unique product needs.