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We are packaging experts. 

We are a team of knowledgeable, flexible packaging experts with over 25 years of experience working with clients from diverse food and non-food industries. Flexible packaging applications are vast, and each has specific needs. At PBFY, we offer the ultimate assortment of premium packaging solutions. We combine product form and function with good packaging design to help our clients succeed in every industry.

Our products protect yours. 

Our high barrier materials protect against exposure to external environmental factors such as light, air, and moisture, which impact the shelf-life of a product. You can count on our professional-grade bags and pouches for the airtight protection required to maintain optimal freshness. 

Our products reduce your costs. 

The compact nature of flexible packaging products is superior to bulkier packaging options such as jars or rigid boxes. Flexible packaging uses less storing and transportation resources, which converts into saving for your business.  

The majority of bags and pouches are designed to stand upright easily, making the processing of packing/filling your product inside much faster and cost-effective.  

Our customization services include: 

Functional features 

Certain products have pre-applied degassing valves and reclosable zippers. Some styles also include hang-holes. For those that do you, you can add the optional application of: 

  • degassing valves (vital for products such as roasted coffee) 
  • tin-ties (cost-efficient reclosing feature your customers will appreciate) 
  • hang-holes (gives you merchandizing versatility) 
  • sticker labels (ideal for products requiring the display of nutritional information) 

Imprinting options 

Your customers won’t see your product first; what they see first is your packaging. Give them something irresistible! Each client we work with has a unique brand and product, so we offer a variety of custom printing options to suit those differences.  

Together we can achieve impactful packaging with the following professional printing options: 

  • Hot Stamp Printing – 37 hot stamp color options equals 37 ways to upgrade your packaging! 
  • Custom Label Printing – domestic and overseas production options make this a popular choice! 
  • Digital Color Printing – lower minimums, faster turn-around for 4-color process designs.  
  • Full-Color Printing – Recommended if you are ready to take your packaging design to its full potential! 

Ready to get started?  

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