Chocolate Packaging

Useful and easy chocolate packaging ideas

As one of the most popular treats in the world, chocolate has a wide amount of variations. Chocolate has been fused with many other flavors and the outcome has been well received. There are chocolate bars, chocolate morsels, dark chocolate treats, fancy chocolate.  When selling chocolate and chocolate-covered treats capturing that great tasting flavor is key to customer satisfaction. Some thought needs to be put into the type of packaging that can help preserve and extend the shelf life.  Besides boxes, which don’t offer much protection, there are other options like flexible packaging which can make your chocolate stand out from your competitors.

How do you keep your chocolate products tasting great for longer?

This process starts by having the right chocolate packaging. Using the right packaging is the key essential. The packaging must accommodate what type of chocolate you will be offering to your customers.  The main focus of packaging is to protect your product, but at the same time, you need something that can stand out from the rest of the competition.

When selecting your chocolate packaging, make sure that it is composed of quality materials. Settling for the cheapest packaging is often not a good idea as chocolate bags will lack the material structure to fully protect your product. Investing in your product is something to keep in mind that will deter you from going the cheap route. Keep in mind that you want to have your customers have the best-tasting version of your product.

Stand up Bags for Chocolate Packaging

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One of the most efficient ways to package chocolate treats is by using stand-up bags. These bags are specially designed for food storage. They are lined with quality materials that will protect your chocolate candies from air-born contaminants.  The better the seal the better the protection. Using barrier stand-up pouches can also allow you to add some designs to your packaging.  Hot stamp printing is a very popular printing style and will make your packaging stand out from the rest.

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Chocolate Packaging

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One of the more traditional ways to display your chocolate products.  These chocolate bags offer you a quality packaging solution. Unlike other paper bags, these are specially made for food and snacks. We all know what happens to chocolate when it gets warm or is left out on top of paper.  The chocolate starts melting or seeping through.  Our paper bags are made with a food-safe liner on the inside which acts as a barrier and does a fantastic job in keeping your chocolate products free of contaminants and avoids seeping through the bag.

Cello Bags for Chocolate Packaging

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Cello bags are another great packaging solution for chocolate candy, and chocolate treats. This type of packaging offers the user a more traditional yet familiar display. Keep in mind that if using cello bags, your shelf life will not be as great as using other bags that provide a seal.  However, cello bags will protect your chocolate products against dust and direct contaminants.

Cello bags can be customized by adding accessories to fit your brand. Clear cello bags are a great option for chocolate treats and display wonderfully well when using ribbons and tags.  In the consumable treat industry, cello bags are the go-to option for selling and displaying chocolate in smaller quantities.

Hand Heat Sealers

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Heat sealers are the unsung heroes of the flexible packaging operation.  Having the proper seal is necessary for the flexible packaging to work.  Not having a heat sealer or improperly sealing the bags with another device (iron) can throw a wrench in your entire operation.

PBFY has the right equipment for the job. We offer hand-held heat sealers that will give you a reliable and proper seal time and time again.  Hand-held heat sealers are recommended as they are cost-efficient and ideal for new or smaller packaging operations.  If you are ready for high-volume orders and want to take it to the next level, we also carry foot pedal, and tabletop style sealers.