Packaging for Bath and Body Products

The bath and body market offers consumers a consistent and bountiful offering of a variety of products, like loofas, sponges, bath bombs, bath salts and powders.  The companies that produce bath and body products are increasingly turning to flexible bath and body packaging to stand out on the shelves of a bath department or in a pharmacy. Upcoming bath and body brands are seeking to differentiate themselves from their competitors, especially as more beauty products are sold online.  Flexible packaging is highly customizable, cost saving, space saving, and re-usable. Flexible bath and body packaging also offers a sterile airtight closure for bath and body products that will be applied to sensitive skin or that could be altered by exposure to air.

Any of our durable and reliable bags or pouches are an ideal choice for packaging your beauty and cosmetics products. They provide an exceptional airtight environment that is puncture proof and available in either opaque to reduce unnecessary exposure to environmental elements, or transparent to give your products shelf appeal. Our sturdy bath and body packaging bags can be enhanced with re-closeable zippers, hang holes and more. They are also designed to stand upright on their own for convenient storage as well as visual appeal on store shelving. Choose from our wide selection of sizes, styles and colors that can meet all of your marketing needs. Our premium and professional bath and body packaging along with our customized printing and labels will instantly convey assurance that your household products are of the utmost quality and potency to your customers.

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Stand Up Pouches for Bath and Body Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Bath and Body Packaging

Flat Pouches for Bath and Body Packaging