Beef Jerky Packaging

Beef Jerky Packaging

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The perfectly portable beef jerky is becoming a favored go-to snack that delivers a healthy serving of protein. Even though, by definition, it’s meat that has been dried in order to last longer and prevent spoilage, your finished beef jerky product still requires effective packaging when it is in its absolute freshest condition in order to preserve a tasty flavor and the distinctive texture for customers. Our premium, dried meat packaging solutions will ensure an airtight protective shield against environmental factors which can compromise the quality of your beef jerky. Any of our exceptionally durable and reliable bags provide consistent and efficient protection of your product from moisture, air, bacterial contamination and more to ensure exceptionally fresh beef jerky with a longer shelf life.

Our superior bags and pouches are lightweight, easy to store and comfortable to hold by customers. We offer several features to customize your beef jerky packaging that are easy to use while retaining freshness which include tear notches, reclosable zippers, hanging holes and more. Our clear or transparent window packaging instantly provide your customers an insight to your flavorful product. Utilize our custom printing services to give your brand a professional look. Instantly distinguish your product and brand from the competition with our elite beef jerky packaging that will help you convey that there is an exceptional product inside.

Stand Up Pouch, Custom Printing

Flat Pouches for Beef Jerky Packaging

Stand Up Pouches for Beef Jerky Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Beef Jerky Packaging