Beef Jerky Bags

Making jerky is a process that takes trimmed lean meat, cut into strips, salted, and dried to prevent spoilage. The salt added prevents bacteria growth during the dehydration process. Beef jerky and other meat jerkies, such as poultry jerky, bison jerky, salmon jerky, and elk jerky, are a popular snack and a good source of protein. This high protein content makes jerky a popular food to take on backpacking trips, day hikes, long road trips, and busy on-the-go days.

Although jerky meat was dried to last longer and prevent spoilage, proper packaging is essential in maintaining the unique flavor and texture qualities of specialty jerky. The best way to package beef jerky or any other meat jerky is with flexible food packaging. PBFY’s professional beef jerky packaging bags, constructed with high barrier films, protect against environmental factors such as moisture and air, which are top contributors to food degradation. Our airtight beef jerky bags and pouches are also puncture- and tear-proof and available with recloseable zipper options as well as window options that let consumers examine the quality of your product. PBFY is the smart choice many jerky producers are making when it comes to their jerky packaging.

Our line of stock bags and pouches offer you a wide selection of sizes, colors, and styles to get your product into the hands of jerky lovers. We recognize that competition is high, with new companies introducing their unique flavors into the market often, making it critical to ensure your packaging design will stand out on store shelves. At PBFY, we provide full customization design services that allow you to optimize every aspect of your beef jerky packaging bags to encourage new and return sales.

Get in touch with us and let our packaging experts work with you to determine which bag material, size, style, and custom printing method can best protect your product and give your brand eye-catching packaging! Contact Us Today!

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