Dog Treat Packaging

Dog Treat Packaging

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Dog owners enjoy giving their beloved pets rewarding and enticing dog treats as a delicious dietary supplement that can promote nutrition, dental hygiene as well as weight control. Whether your product offers crunchy biscuits, moist and meaty morsels or chews it, is imperative that your dog treats be properly stored to retain its high quality taste, unique textures and nutritional benefits. Our superior dog treat packaging ensures exceptional protection against moisture, air, odors and other elements in order to maintain your product’s freshness. Exposure of your edible dog treats to such external factors can cause staleness or even possible contamination by harmful bacteria which can ultimately cause foodborne illnesses to a puppy or dog. PBFY’s wide selection of premium tear and puncture proof bags provide reliable and airtight containment to preserve the outstanding quality of your product.

Our superb bags and pouches are lightweight, easy to store and ready to use by customers. They can be customized with many convenient attributes that retain freshness which customers prefer, such as tear notches, resealable closures, one-way degassing valves and more. Our reliable bags feature wide smooth surfaces that allow ample advertising space for your brand and its many nutritional benefits. Differentiate your dog treat packaging using our hot stamp printing or full color printing services for unique visual appeal. Our clear bags or transparent windows can be incorporated into your design to provide customers a closer look at your dog treats to help them make a final purchasing decision. Our durable dog treat bags can either stand upright on shelves or suspend from hanging holes. We can help your product stand out ahead of the competition with our distinctive and professional dog treat packaging.

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