Granola and Cereal Packaging

The freshness of your granola or cereal is vital in delivering loyal customers with the gratifying taste, crunch, and nutritional benefits they expect. Unfortunately, traditional granola packaging, often made from paper, can easily rip and tear and, after opening, does not typically provide an airtight seal. An improperly packaged product can become stale, develop odors, lose flavor and texture, grow mold, or become infested by pantry pests.

Luckily, all of our FDA approved bags and pouches, ideal for granola and cereal packaging, provide an airtight environment, ensuring the quality of your product is preserved longer. Convenient reclosable zippers create a superb seal after opening and between uses. Other optional accessories such as tear tabs and windows, will appeal to customers and give your granola and cereal a leading and coveted edge over the competition in this fiercely competitive industry.

Our bags and pouches are packed flat, making transportation and storage both convenient and cost-efficient, but are designed to stand upright, adding ease to the filling process once ready to pack-in that granola. We offer various stock sizes, styles, colors, and customization options for uniquely eye-catching granola packaging and cereal packaging that is sure to increase your product sales and customer satisfaction.

Stand Up Pouches for Granola and Cereal Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Granola and Cereal Packaging

Flat Pouches for Granola and Cereal Packaging