Ground Coffee Packaging

Ground Coffee Packaging

Ground coffee is an extremely popular and sought after commodity, as it is super convenient for brewing a tasty cup of joe. Available in different strengths and numerous roasted varieties, it is absolutely vital that ground coffee be properly packaged to ensure its freshness and vitality. Its delicate and aromatic oils which have been extracted from the grinding process are easily susceptible to absorbing external odors. Exposure to humidity, air, light, heat and moisture can dilute them and adversely affect the flavor of ground coffee. Your java connoisseur customers will naturally expect your ground coffee to be deliciously fresh. Our puncture proof and airtight containers provide the optimal environment for storing ground coffee. PBFY’s premium ground coffee packaging ensures essential protection from naturally occurring hazards so your product retains its freshness and robust flavor.

Your ground coffee will be directly associated with visually appealing and durable packaging that we can provide to help build brand recognition. Our superior bags and pouches are lightweight, easy to store and ready to use by customers. We offer an array of styles and sizes in dynamic finishes of foil, eye-catching metallics as well as vibrant colors to complement your brand or logo. Stand out from the fierce coffee competition by customizing your bags and pouches with our specialized printing options to create a professional looking package. Select from our convenient functional features such as one-way degassing valves to release excess carbon dioxide emitted by roasted coffee without allowing air inside the bag or pouch. Other options include tear notches, resealable zip closures, and more. Our premium bags and pouches are easy to fill and are designed to either stand upright on shelves or suspend from hanging holes for excellent visibility. PBFY’s distinguished ground coffee packaging provides a protective, functional and marketing solution for your java commodity.

Side Gusseted Bags for Ground Coffee Packaging

Stand Up Pouches for Ground Coffee Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Ground Coffee Packaging

Flat Pouches for Ground Coffee Packaging