Herbal Tea Packaging

You have carefully crafted the perfect blend of fresh tea leaves infused with invigorating herbs, tranquil fruits, flowers and more for a well-balanced cup of herbal tea. Your flavorful creation deserves distinctive and captivating packaging that not only shows off your bold and innovative brand but also provides outstanding protection from elements such as moisture, air, sunlight, heat, pests, fungus and mold which can compromise the quality of your product. PBFY’s exceptional herbal tea packaging offers superior airtight containers that will help keep your herbal tea fresh and potent. Our premium bags and pouches help prevent exposure to these factors that can ultimately allow evaporation of your product’s essential oils as well as oxidization and deterioration.

Our leading durable bags and pouches provide cost effective packaging solutions in comparison to pricey storage tins. Choose from our wide variety of sizes, eye-catching colors and styles. The smooth flat surfaces are ideal for boldly displaying your brand imagery and logo. Allow us to help individualize your bags using our custom printing and label services for a polished look. Our superior bags offer many functional features such as convenient tear notches, resealable zippers, one-way degassing valves and more. Select our bags that are designed to effortlessly stand upright to easily fill and distinctively display your product on shelves. Our visually appealing and professional packaging will effectively increase the marketability of your herbal tea.

Stand Up Pouches for Herbal Tea Packaging

Side Gusseted Bags for Herbal Tea Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Herbal Tea Packaging

Flat Pouches for Herbal Tea Packaging