Horse Product Packaging

Horse products are known for combining high-quality ingredients using scientific formulas to deliver optimum nutrition in order to meet the demanding needs of these majestic animals for overall health and performance. Whether you offer oats, feed, dried fruits, treats or other horse products, it is vital that your commodity remain completely dry and fresh. Our high-quality containers provide a durable and heavy-duty barrier against elements such as humidity, moisture and air which can cause mold, mildew, depletion of essential vitamins and fatty acids as well as the overall degradation of horse products. In addition, pest and rodent infestation have the potential of spreading diseases. PBFY’s premium packaging options provide essential protection that will help retain the freshness and integrity of your horse products.

Our superior bags and pouches are easy to store and ready to use by your customers. All you have to do is fill them! They are available in a wide selection of sizes, colors and styles and can be customized with any combination of functioning attributes that retain freshness. Choose from convenient tear notches, reclosable zippers, one-way degassing valves and more. Our eye-catching bags feature wide, smooth surfaces that allow ample printing space for your brand and its many nutritional benefits. Utilize our impressive full color printing and label services for bold visual appeal. Select our clear bags or transparent windows as part of your design to provide customers a closer look at your horse products. Our bags also offer the option of either standing upright on shelves or suspending from hanging holes. Our exceptional horse food packaging can help effectively market your product so that it stands out in the competitive landscape.

Stand Up Pouches for Horse Products Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Horse Products Packaging

Flat Pouches for Horse Products Packaging