Popcorn Packaging

Popcorn Packaging

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Pre-popped kernels are an increasingly popular ready-to-eat treat that’s gaining momentum in the snack as well as health conscious markets. It’s a convenient food that has recently kicked it up a notch in offering a variety of flavors. Whether your quality popcorn features gourmet candied versions to original buttered varieties, only the freshest popcorn can deliver the most delicious flavor along with its unique crunch in order to win repeat customers. Our selection of premium popcorn packaging provides exceptional puncture and tear proof protection with an unbeatable airtight seal to help you deliver the freshest popcorn possible. Exposure to air or moisture can cause your product to become stale in both taste and texture. Preserve your product’s savory characteristics by entrusting our superior containers.

Any of PBFY’s reliable and durable bags or pouches are an excellent choice for keeping your popcorn super fresh compared to common and less effective form-fill bags that have a generic one-time seal. We can customize your packaging with features such as convenient tear tabs and reclosable zippers along with our customized labels and printing services for a polished look. The transparent versions of our superior bags as well as cleverly designed clear windows provide instant visibility of your enticing product for customers. We offer a wide variety of sizes from smaller individual and vending machine servings to large retail store sizes. Allow us to help differentiate your product and brand from the competitive landscape as being a premium popcorn evidenced by our appealing and professional grade packaging.

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