Popcorn Packaging

Bagged popcorn is a popular, ready-to-eat treat that has earned its place amongst snack products in health-conscious markets. Pre-popped kernels are a convenient food that lends itself well to various flavors, giving it a competitive advantage over other snack foods. Whether your specialty popcorn features gourmet candied versions to traditional buttered varieties, only the freshest popcorn can deliver the delicious flavor and unique crunch that wins repeat customers.

Preserve your product’s savory characteristics within our reliable, lightweight, and food-safe popcorn containers. Our popcorn bags are made from high barrier films that provide exceptional protection from punctures and tears, with an unbeatable airtight seal. Our popcorn packaging prevents exposure to air or moisture, which is vital to avoid when the goal is to maintain freshness. Compared to conventional, and less effective form-fill bags with generic one-time seals, any of PBFY’s resealable popcorn bags or pouches are an excellent alternative for your gourmet product. Pro Tip: Clear popcorn bags and bags with windows, are highly preferred by many brands because consumers can’t resist what they can see!

Let’s work together to optimize your gourmet popcorn packaging with either one of our stock products or by taking advantage of our customization options. A custom popcorn bag design can differentiate your brand from the rest! Our experts are here to help! Contact Us Today!

Flat Pouches for PopCorn Packaging