Spice Packaging

Across all cultures, spices, herbs, and seasonings are vital in cooking, bestowing divine flavors and aroma into foods and cooked dishes. In any kitchen, you are likely to find salt, pepper, and maybe something more exotic like turmeric, cardamon, or zaatar. There is also a growing number of spice mixes that give dishes the flair food-lovers seek.

It is crucial to find the right retail packaging for these products. Exposure to sunlight, heat, air, and moisture can diminish the potency and aromatics that make each spice and herb unique. Our commercial spice packaging is puncture-proof and provides an airtight seal. Many of our pouches are available with built-in recloseable zippers, and we also offer tin-ties, tape, or metal clips, as alternative reclosing options. Our high barrier pouches and bags for spices are an excellent option for keeping your product fresher over a more extended time.

We invite you to shop our line of stock flexible bags and pouches or consider upgrading to something with a little more spice! You can personalize any of our spice packaging with your branding using our imprinting options, ranging from hot stamping to label application, available with fast-turnaround and lower minimums. Or take things to the max with our full-color printing services that allow you to customize everything about your packaging design fully.

Stand Up Pouches for Spices and Seasoning Packaging

Tin Tie Paper Bags for Spices and Seasoning Packaging

Flat Pouches for Spices and Seasoning Packaging