Vegan Food Packaging

Vegan Food Packaging

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No matter which vegan niche your company specializes in to offer delicious and nutritional snacks, ingredients or foods, our innovative flexible packaging solutions combine style with function to suit your marketing needs. Even though your products exclude dairy and animal substances such as meat, fish, poultry, dairy and eggs, it is still crucial to keep them extremely fresh in order to maintain texture, taste and overall quality which translates into consistent customer satisfaction. Our superior food grade laminated bags are designed to provide unparalleled protection from external elements such as humidity, air, moisture, pests and other factors which can jeopardize your product’s quality. Our environmentally friendly packaging helps preserve your product’s freshness and full nutritional value longer. PBFY’s ideal bags and pouches are lightweight, easy to store and ready to use by customers. They create an airtight seal after opening and between uses with our convenient reclosable zippers which appeal to customers and can give your vegan brand a competitive edge.

We offer a wide selection of sizes, styles and sleek finishes of foil, attention-grabbing metallics as well as dramatic colors to complement your brand or logo. Showcase your vegan products to customers by customizing your bags and pouches with our built-in oval or strip windows along with our specialized printing services for a polished look. Incorporate our functional features such as tear notches, resealable zip closures, one-way degassing valves and more. Our exceptional bags and pouches expand and are easy to fill. They can either stand upright on shelves or suspend from hanging holes for eye-catching visibility. Effectively protect and market your products for repeat customers with our professional vegan packaging!

Stand Up Pouch, Custom Printing

Stand Up Pouches for Vegan Food Packaging

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