5 lb Stand Up Pouch, 11-7/8″ x 19″ + 5-1/2″ – Black


The innovative and sturdy design of our 5 lb Stand Up Pouch maximizes the use of space and shows your products off on store shelves to their best advantage while taking up less space in storage. The 5 lb. Stand Up Pouch in Black gives your display an elegant and sophisticated look which will contrast well with the labeling you choose. These pouches stand for filling and fold flat to store, is food-safe and environmentally friendly, being manufactured with over 70% less packaging material when compared to cartons and cans. This eye-catching design is a hot seller at PBFY.


Pouch Specifications:

  • 11-7/8″ x 19″ + 5-1/2″
  • 5 lb / 2.2 kg (based on coffee beans)
  • Thickness: 5.4 mil
  • Materials: PET / ALU / LLDPE

Do I need a valve?