Bravo Alpha Jerky

Why did you start your business?

We started Bravo Alpha Jerky shortly before the birth of our first child with the dream of him having a family business for him to run one day. We have been making our Jerky recipes for friends and family for years and decided to give our own business a chance. We have a military themed product that honors not only myself as a combat Veteran, but my Great Grand Father in WW1, my Grand Father in WW2, my father in Desert Storm, my brother in Iraq Freedom, and myself in Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. It is incumbent upon my family to go for the American Dream to honor all of those that have sacrificed for us to have the opportunity.

How did you start your business?

We literally started our business with a credit card. Months of research, fine tuning our process, and recipes we were ready to make the business venture a reality. The process of starting our own business has been both stressful and rewarding. Our business is almost exclusively online and we have built the entire business in house without outside resources. The feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction for every sale alert bring a very euphoric feeling of accomplishment.

Why did you choose PBFY as your packaging solution?

Throughout our research we compared pricing, quality, reviews and customer service. All of this process lead us to the company PBFY. Their option to receive samples was the confirmation for us. As a new business starting out looking for packaging, the sample option gave us a hands on comparison of various sizes to pick out exactly what we needed. The price was right for our margins, the quality met all standards, the reviews were superb, and the customer service impeccable delivering us samples directly to our door. The best part? All of this was done before we spent a dime.

On a side note, one of our first subscribers to our Jerky of the Month was a marketing manager (and fellow Veteran) from PBFY that did not even know we were already customers. I see our business relationship with PBFY lasting for years, that hopefully our newborn son will take over and make the orders to PBFY. I have been absolutely blown away with my experience with PBFY.