Top Cookie Packaging

Great Ideas for Cookie Packaging

If you are looking for cookie packaging for your business or thinking about starting your business, you will need better options than those for personal use.

Running a business means you will need to make sure your cookies are edible and fresh by the time your customers purchase and consume them. There are other issues that might arise such as maintaining your clients happy and offering a product they can trust. Remember, the reputation of your cookies and most importantly, your company relies on your customer’s experience.

Cello Bags 

One cost-efficient way to do cookie packaging is using cello bags. This is a great option to package your cookies as cello bags are clear and will allow you to show off the quality of your cookies to customers. With this packaging method, you are letting your cookies speak for themselves.  Add printed patterns and options, that will make your cookies stand out from your competition. Cello bags are heat sealable which will protect from contaminants, ensuring your cookies remain fresh. It is recommended to use a proper heat sealer to ensure a proper seal.

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Paper Bags for Cookie Packaging

Another way to package your cookies is to use Kraft paper bags with a tin tie. It is recommended to use Kraft paper bags that are lined with poly liner.  This is due to give the paper bag added protection so the cookie oil will not seep through the paper bag.  A poly-lined Kraft paper bag is a great option.  It is also recommended to add a window to your cookie packaging in order for customers to see your product and great quality.

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Stand-up Pouches 

A true game-changer, using stand-up pouches for cookie packaging will benefit you greatly. If you are going all-in with your cookie product and want to make a serious run, then these are the packaging for you.  Stand-up pouches are composed of the highest quality materials that will ensure your cookies stay fresh longer. Add options like a see-through window or better yet, an option for the clear back to maximize product exposure. The stand-up pouches are available in various sizes, colors, and printing options to match your brand and logo standards.

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Heat Sealers for Cookie Packaging

If you are going to do the cookie packaging manually, it is highly recommended to use a proper heat sealer.  A proper seal is required for any of the suggested packaging options to fully work. Using low-quality sealers will only bring you headaches of improperly sealed bags. Also using clothing irons or similar appliances should be avoided at all costs as they will not bring a proper seal and pose a hazard risk.

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