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Jeff’s SuperFit Granola

Why did you start your business? To help people learn that eating healthy can taste [...]

Metallized Stand Up Pouches – The New Trend in Small Packages

Here is a packaging solution that is positioned to be the new trend in small [...]

From Kitchen To Career – Turning Your Food Hobby Into A Business

Home Kitchens in California California created over 1000 new businesses by legalizing food made at [...]

The Latest Trends in Packaging Include Clothing, Soaps, Seeds

Small packages are trending here at PBFY. We’ve been receiving a great deal of requests [...]

Using Color in Your Packaging Gives a Competitive Advantage

Colors and Feelings Do you have a favorite color? Most people do. Surprisingly, studies show [...]

16 Ways To Make Your Product Stand Out On Store Shelves

We’ve all been there: you’re browsing up and down the grocery store aisles, searching for [...]

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