OSO Pepper Company

Why did you start your business? The idea for Oso Pepper Company began with the belief that a pepper sauce should convey more than just the sensation of, “my mouth is on fire.” It should convey the taste of the pepper itself.
How did you start your business? Back in 2008 when Myra and I began our garden, we never thought that it would lead from a hobby to a business. All we wanted to do that summer was create a little garden that would provide us with a mix of fruit, vegetables, and herbs for our family table. Then things got out of hand, being that pepper plants are quite prolific in the shear amount of fruit they produce.  From our humble backyard garden, in the late summer of 2012 sprang Oso Pepper Company, LLC.
Why did you choose PBFY as your packaging solution? The product selection met our needs, and the selection provided the products we were seeking. The Service has been great; samples, printing, follow up, and product pricing. We look forward to a long relationship with PBFY.
Vincent Verret
Owner/Chief Sauceologist/Powderist
Oso Pepper Company, LLC osopeppercompany.com

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