Candy Packaging Ideas

Candy Packaging Bags

When you create sweet confections for your customers, you want each and every bite to be as delectable as the first. That’s why reliable candy packaging bags and pouches are so important. Exposure to air, humidity, heat, and light can quickly degrade candy and chocolate and cause them to spoil. With PBFY, you won’t have to worry about your creative confections’ quality. Our flexible food-grade packaging materials are ideal for soft candy, hard candy, and chocolates, and they’re designed with exceptional protection to keep your treats fresher longer.

Whether you prefer paper or plastic packaging for your chocolates and candies, we have several options available. We also offer many opportunities to customize your packaging with tear notches, zip closures, and other functional features. Let PBFY help you create custom candy packaging bags that showcase your mouthwatering treats.

Stand-up Pouches 

The premium of the candy packaging options. These stand-up pouches will show off your product in a professional manner, helping you compete with larger companies.  Stand-up pouches are great for soft and for hard candy as they will protect from air, dust, moisture, and light.  Having the best protection of just about any other candy packaging option will also help extend the shelf life conserving the product’s intended flavor.

If you package your candy products with stand-up pouches, be ready to have a wide range of customization options available.  Printing options range from full-color digital covering the entire package to hot foil, to adding simple labels. Stand-up bags give you plenty of options to choose from that will fit just about any budget.  PBFY offers stand-up pouches in different sizes and styles which no other competitor can offer.  Not only can you print full digital on the bag itself, but you can add see-thru windows to fully display your candy products.  Another customization option is to add hang holes in order to have your products on wall displays and any other strategic area.

Paper Bags for Candy Packaging

Great for hard candy, paper bag packaging offers a great way to display your products.  PBFY offers paper bags that are lined with Polylactic Acid (PLA) which offers an added layer of protection. PLA is a compound that is made of a non-toxic type of plastic that is biodegradable! Due to its nature, it is used in food handling and packaging and even in the medical field. Candy that is packaged in paper bags with PLA is protected against moisture, dirt, and dust.

Kraft paper bags are a great way for your packaging to stand out due to all of the customization options.  Kraft bags can have the ability to be printed on with great results, many people choose this type of packaging simply for the printing options and how well their artwork comes out.  If required one of the best customization options is to have a product window added to the paper bag. This helps in really showing off the candy to all customers.  Showing the actual product is proven to resonate better with customers, especially in children.

Flat Pouches 

Flat pouches are great for smaller quantity candy packaging. Flat pouches give your product the protection it will need to help extend the shelf life.  PBFY carries flat pouches that are lined with linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE). This is a food-safe plastic inner barrier that prevents moisture, air, and contaminants that can affect your candy product’s taste and presentation. VMPET film is also used in all of the PBFY flat pouches, it stands for vacuum metalized polyester film. VMPET is a high barrier that also protects against moisture, dust, air, and light.  Having a bag that is made of high-quality materials goes a long way in helping you retain the intended flavor and display of your product.

Flat pouches are a great canvas for your designs.  You have a choice of printing directly on the bag to display your branding.  If you want to go more cost-efficient there is always the option to create a well-designed label that will suffice printing.

Cello Bags 

Using cello bags is a good way to start any candy packaging if done at home. This is because the candy will not be produced in large quantities and is expected to have a short shelf life.  Cello bags can do the basic protection of a candy product, which is to protect from dust and similar contaminants but do not protect against light and moisture.

The other great thing about cello bags is that they can be easily customized to fit your brand.  Cello clear bags can be printed with various designs that range in color.  These pre-printed designs are usually very affordable and supplement large costs for packaging.  Besides having the printing done directly on the bag, other accessories such as ribbons and bows can be added to make your candy product packaging really stand out.

Heat Sealers for Candy Packaging

Now that you chose your packaging bag, you might also want to look into the sealing method.  A hot sealer is by far the most essential tool that you will have and rely on for your packaging.  This tool is required to seal just about any type of flexible packaging bag in the market.  Hand-held sealers are great for small to medium operations and lead up to more commercial-based heat sealers which PBFY also carries.  There are various options on heat sealers and the capabilities that each possesses. Candy is one of the sweetest and most memorable treats liked by adults and children.  It can bring instant joy and a sense of nostalgia to well-liked memory.  The colors, shapes, and flavors are all staples to many people but most importantly what people do remember is the packaging.  Packaging for products instills a memory which is the first trigger in a line of wonderful memories.  Seeing beautiful iconic candy packaging is the first thing that your customers will remember. This is why it is important to properly package your candy products in attractive, memorable packaging.

Depending on the type of candy, it is very important that the right packaging and materials are chosen to fully give your customers the best that your product has to offer.  One of the biggest complaints about candy not being good has to do it being stale.  This staleness of candy comes due to bad packaging and inferior materials that are used.  Correctly packaged candy has barriers against light, dust, and moisture that are the number one enemy for shelf life.