Beef Jerky Packaging Bags

Find the best flexible packaging bags for Beef Jerky

We stock a huge selection of food bags and food packaging products here at PBFY. Among our selection of stand-up pouches, coffee bags, foil bags, and food packaging bags are our new Beef Jerky Bags! Our new beef jerky bags are 3-side seal flat pouches, machine sealed at the top, bottom load and feature a hang hole making it perfect for point of sale products like beef jerky.

Our 3-side seal flat pouches are made of quality products, that will enhance and prolong the shelf life of your beef jerky. They work by keeping moisture out of the bag to keep the beef jerky nice and dry.  The seals also work to keep out dust and other contaminants.

These flat beef jerky bags also can also be customized to fit your requirements and or branding.  Add a hang hole for your bags to hang in a display, add printing that will ensure your customers identify with your brand. Our beef jerky bags are also transparent on the backside for your customers to see the quality of your beef jerky.


Add your own custom logo or design onto your beef jerky bags with a custom label or custom print your own design. We offer both custom printed labels, label application service, hang hole application service and other custom printed flexible packaging solutions.

Custom Labels for Beef Jerky Packaging

We offer custom printed labels and a label application service. Don’t waste valuable time hand applying each label on your bags. We have the machines that can print your labels and apply them onto your bags and pouches. Custom labels are ideal for start up to medium sized businesses looking to introduce their products in the marketplace. They are also great for product lines with multiple SKUs such as food products with different flavors.

Custom Printed Bags for Beef Jerky

We can also create a fully custom designed bag according to your specifications. Just provide us all the information including your artwork, and we can produce custom printed bags for you. Take your product branding to the next level with custom printing. We offer multiple custom printing options including hot stamp printing, custom printed labels, silk screen printing and mass 4 color process printing.

Hang Hole Application

Display your beef jerky like a pro!  Add a hang hole to optimize your product display and allow customers to view your product. Hang holes offer a second option that allows bags to be hung in high visibility and strategic areas such as check-out lines and front displays.