7 Upcoming Summer Food Festivals To Satisfy Your Summer Eating

cake-popsFood festivals have always been enjoyable times when people celebrate the harvest of food, when they show thankfulness for such bountifulness. Now, we use food festivals more as a time to bond around our favorite kinds of food. Food has always made talking to people easier. Start your summer off right by visiting some of these popular food festivals.

Oakdale Chocolate Festival in Oakdale, California- Who doesn’t like chocolate? From May 21- May 22, there will be over 200 vendors who are selling all types of chocolate- fudges, ice creams, brownies. If you can think of it and it is chocolate, it will be there. Although chocolate will be the main event, other foods will be offered as well, such as hot dogs or sausage. What a fun way to start your summer!

Georgia Peach Festival in Peach County, GA- Many connect the peach with Georgia, but if you have the opportunity to attend this festival, you will never again forget what Georgia’s symbol is. This food festival is a week long and lasts from June 3-11. In the past, it has attracted up to 10,000 burgervisitors. You might even have an opportunity to learn more about peaches- like the fact that Georgia has over 15,000 acres producing peaches.

Taste of Chicago in Chicago, IL- Since 1980, Chicago has been hosting this fun, family-friendly activity. This festival lasts from July 6-10, and provides a menagerie of the dining options available in Chicago. You can socialize, eat, and get to know new people.

Slugburger Festival in Corinth, Mississippi- This will be the 28th food festival held in Corinth and will last from July 9-11. They feature a slug idol competition, an eating contest, a pageant, and music.

lobsterVermont Cheesemakers Festival in Shelburne, Vermont- This offers prime cheese year-round, but at this food festival, you will be surrounded by cheese on all sides. Your taste buds will go crazy as you sample different kinds and perhaps find a new favorite. If you pay the festival admission, you have free admittance to their workshops and cooking demos on July 24.

Main Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine- During August 3-7, this food festival will serve more than 20,000 pounds of lobster. If you like sea food, you should go right over and explore their options. Not only do they offer food, they also offer arts and crafts, races, entertainment, and a cooking contest.

Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook Off in Sparks, Nevada- This food festival, while dominated by ribs, also offers all varieties of entertainment. You will be able to shop and enjoy the Bear Garden. The spare-ribsbiggest part of this food festival, August 31- September 5, is the rib-eating tournament. The record holder for this competition ate 9.8 pounds in 12 minutes. Wow! Enjoy this food festival as a way to wrap up your summer and enjoy some delicious ribs.

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